Rebecca Ferguson Interview 2019

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Rebecca Ferguson Interview 2019…

Rebecca Ferguson is a British singer and songwriter.

Ferguson is one of the most successful artists to ever come out of the ITV show, having scored not only giant record sales but also huge critical acclaim.

Her debut record, 2011’s Heaven, remains the fastest-selling debut album for a solo act of the decade.

Follow-up efforts Freedom, Lady Sings The Blues and Superwoman all followed it straight into the Top 10 upon release.

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Enjoy an exclusive interview with Alex and Rebecca via YouTube:

Rebecca was The X Factor finalist who dated Zayn Malik. But eight years on, Rebecca Ferguson is doing things her way and she’s proud of it.

When Rebecca first appeared on The X Factor, there were two defining qualities. Firstly, she had an astonishing voice. Rebecca, who was 23, lived in a little terraced house in Anfield, Liverpool, had got two little kids, and dazzled both the judges and the audience.

Her rendition of Change Is Gonna Come was a jaw-droppingly beautiful moment. Simon and Nicole didn’t know where to look. Pound signs flashed in the eyes of Louis.

But the greatest quality, in fact, was her humanity. She didn’t introduce herself as a singer. She introduced herself as a mum.

Simon loved her. At her audition, he said: “I think potentially, you have an incredible voice. I genuinely do. Your voice is absolutely on the money right now, I mean, totally on the money. You’ve got three yeses. Congratulations.”

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 3rd Jan 2019.