Reeve Carney Broadway Exclusive Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Reeve Carney Broadway Exclusive Interview…..

‘Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark’ @ the Foxwoods Theatre on 42nd Street, Broadway has to be one of the most visually inventive and spectacular shows to ever hit the Great White Way.

Spider-Man is the most expenses show in Broadway history and you can see every penny on stage!

It has music by Bono & The Edge and spectacular performances by a hugely talented cast.

Reeve Carney Stars as Peter Parker in this blockbuster show. Reeve’s performance is one of the most impressive I’ve ever seen on Broadway – he literally never stops for 2.5 hours! He has terrific stage presence, vocal strength and remarkable physical stamina to pull off this exceptionally difficult technical performance.

Reeve also acts the transition from ‘young Peter’ to Spider-Man beautifully. He is the epitome of the ‘Broadway Triple Threat’….in fact with flying, make that the ‘quadruple threat’!

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Enjoy a rare and Exclusive two part interview with Reeve Carney and Rebecca Faulkenberry who plays Mary in ‘Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark’ on Broadway.

Here’s part 1:

Rebecca Faulkenberry is a naturally beautiful actress who brilliantly makes the audience fall for her as much as Peter does by the end of the show. Her voice is cute, warm and confident & she really gets to shine throughout the show.

Rebecca definitely has the most melodic, memorable & beautifully written song in the entire show called ‘If the world should end’. It’s a truly touching moment in the show where both Reeve and Rebecca get to steal the show as their characters romance develops.

It is not surprising that this show attracted SOOOOO much press during previews as I have never seen such technically advanced and brilliant staging in my 15 year career on Broadway. It is no wonder it took a while to get it right – 2 years after it opened the show is still selling out.

It is visually stunning and at times breath taking. The show was technically faultless during my performance.

There is no doubt that Reeve steals the show with his incredible performance, in fact you are left wondering how he is still breathing at the end of the show! It’s a mammoth role that few could master as perfectly as Carney.

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Here’s part two of Belfield’s Exclusive interview with Reeve & Rebecca at the Foxwood Theatre on 42nd Street:

I have to agree with most of the critics who said that the music in this show is not that memorable or compelling. However, it is one of the only shows I’ve ever seen that can survive purely on its talent, energy, international brand plus incredible staging brilliance and spectacle.

This is not a song-book musical where you can sit back and tap your feet, this is a moving play with jaw dropping special effects.

The only people who can doubt this shows success are those who haven’t seen it!

Go see Spider-Man on Broadway – you’ll love it!

Review Jan 2013 on Broadway for Celebrity Radio by Alex Belfield.