5* Sat Bains Review Nottingham

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Restaurant Sat Bains Review Nottingham….

This is not only Nottingham’s greatest culinary delight but one of the best eateries in the world!

We have declared Restaurant Sat Bains the best restaurant in the UK since 2012.

In 2014, Restaurant Sat Bains was awarded the rare honour of two Michelin Stars.

In 2015 The Sunday Times finally named Bains ‘#1 RESTAURANT UK 2016!”

It’s league above anything in Nottingham….the Midlands and maybe almost the world!

A huge treat for a celebration dinner and Celebrity Radio’s favourite dining experience in the UK.

With uncluttered, unprecocious & relaxed service, the food is pure art on the plate and palate.

Bravo Chef Bains – you my friend offer a master-class in dining, hospitality & world class cuisine.

Book a table HERE AT SAT BAINS  Tues – Saturday.

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Review Sat Bains Nottingham
Sat Bains Review Nottingham
Sat Bains Restaurant Review Nottingham

Here’s our Exclusive Audio / Visual YouTube review….

The restaurant is located just off the A453 on the way into the centre of Nottingham.

Offering only a 7 or 10 course taster menu per table, you can add the world famous ‘duck egg’ for £7.

It’s an indulgent, special, decant but unpretentious night out.

Review Sat Bains 7 course Menu Nottingham
Review Sat Bains
Review Sat Bains Duck Egg

Not the most glamorous of locations – or the easiest to find, however, SB is worth the effort.

Unlike many top chefs, Bains remains loyal to his home town and makes Londoners take the two hour trip up the M1 to enjoy his divine cuisine!

The room is refined and elegant but not pompous. It’s silver service without the fuss. The servers have the same ethos.

UK Best Restaurant Review
Review Sat Bains Nottingham

I particularly enjoy eating in the conservatory. So relaxed and a gorgeous dinning experience.

Sat is a master of his art….and it is an art. His food is exciting.

He understands ‘the dining experience’.

You don’t even need an interesting date, you can just talk about the playful food.

Review Sat Bains 7 or 10 taster Menu

From the moment you arrive you are made to feel incredibly special.

You are treated like royalty with a seamless service. Nothing is too much trouble.

Sat will happily work to your dietary needs.

Here’s the seasonal grouse from Sept 2016….

Review Sat Bains Grouse
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The standard of food is world class and deserves all of the many accolades Bains has been collecting of late.

With a constantly evolving menu, it’s almost impossible to get the same meal twice.

Timeless flavours with local, seasonal and delicious ingredients put together in the most beautiful way.

Sat Bains Sunday Times Best Restaurant UK Review
Review Sat Bains Menu Nottingham Dessert

The food is playful with ingredients added deliberately to get the whole table talking.

You don’t get ‘tobacco chocolate dessert’ everywhere now do you?

Sat Bains could easily open a restaurant anywhere in the world. The fact he chooses to stay in his home city is inspired.

He’s that good, why travel when they are willing to come to you! Genius….

Restaurant Sat Bains Review Nottingham (12)

As well as the restaurant, they have two incredibly beautifully decorated hotel rooms.

With a gorgeous four poster bed and lounge area, this room competes with any 5* hotel in the world.

The epitome of opulence with all 2015 amenities in room.

A word of warning – these rooms can be a little noisy with passing traffic and the room closest to the restaurant is attached to the noisy electric gate.

Restaurant Sat Bains Review Nottingham Hotel Room Review
Restaurant Sat Bains Review Nottingham Hotel Review
Restaurant Sat Bains Review Nottingham Rooms

Don’t be put off though, the breakfast itself is worth a visit!

There is no question these spacious rooms are 5* in quality.

There’s a huge living area, wonderful bathroom and lovely high end bed and linen.

The breakfast is sensational! A full English with local Nottinghamshire Sausage & bacon….

Restaurant Sat Bains Review Nottingham Breakfast
Restaurant Sat Bains Review Nottingham (3)

This is Celebrity Radio’s second favourite restaurant IN THE WORLD!

This is our favourite restaurant in the UK by a mile.

“It’s just incredible, the food is incomparable, the service is relaxed and delightful and the rooms are tremendous”

You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten at Sat Bains! This is a dining experience of a lifetime!

Enjoy the amazing Sat Bains *****

Review Updated by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 2nd September 2016

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