Review 9 to 5 Musical Savoy West End

Review 9 to 5 Musical Savoy West End…

9 TO 5 THE MUSICAL has a strictly limited season at the West End’s Savoy Theatre this spring.

This musical, like Dolly herself, may well have its knockers  – however, if you want an uplifting, fun and somewhat mindless night out in the West End – 9 to 5 will do perfectly!

Despite trying to have powerful meaning, it’s coated in camp old nonsense and showtunes. This ain’t Shakespeare.

To be honest this show is not for me. It’s not aimed at me. As I entered the Savoy Theatre tonight I found myself surrounded by mostly 40+ women who were clearly having a hoot from the moment Dolly appeared on video. This show has some of the best energy from the audience that I’ve felt in a theatre in a long time! Kudos where it is due.

Having first hit Broadway in 2009, this show could not be more timely today following the rise of #MeToo. In summary, this is a story of overcoming suppression and sexual harassment dressed up in a glossy feelgood sing-a-long musical for the masses.



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Starring Caroline Sheen, Amber Davies, Natalie McQueen, Bonnie Langford and Brian Conley – they all shine in this ‘big up the lasses’ themed musical.

9 to 5 features a nice, but mostly forgettable, book by Patricia Resnick and an Oscar, Grammy and Tony award-nominated score by the Queen of Country herself, Dolly Parton.

There isn’t a weak link in the cast, I would argue they’re all better than the show itself.

Langford naturally steals the show with her remarkable 11 o’clock number half way through act one. An effortless star through and through. Conley equally shines as the despicably creepy and indefensibly inappropriate boss. Conley is always a superb turn.

Caroline Sheen sings up a storm & Amber Davies, from Love Island, is a rare TV reality type that deserves her role in the show.

Natalie McQueen plays Parton herself as Doralee Rhodes, the secretary mistaken for the boss’s mistress. She has a hugely powerful (and high) voice!

Despite flogging the show with endless press, Dolly does not appear Live however she does appear on video to the joy of the audience. This is her baby after all.

The set is of touring standard and the band, lighting and costumes are fine but not spectacular. This is basically a 4* tour or a 3* West End filler night out. The cast do it proud.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 22nd Feb 2019

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