Review Aladdin Pantomime 2015 Nottingham Theatre Royal

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s: Review Aladdin Pantomime 2015 Nottingham Theatre Royal….

Aladdin has Star power & some of the best costumes in theatrical history performed in the most glorious Cathedral of Show Business in the UK – The Nottingham Theatre Royal.

With legend Chris Biggins leading the cast and Simon Webbe appearing for the first time in the genre – this show is given true warmth, timing, pace and Star power by comic powerhouse Ben Nickless.

What Aladdin lacks in set, it makes up for in costumes. Spectacular, original & impressive – you can see where your ticket fee is spent in front your very eyes.

The gags are older than the 150 year old theatre and naturally more cringe worthy than hysterical, however, they’re delivered with ease by (mainly) Nickless who is without a doubt the backbone, savour & spirit of this polished production.

Biggins is the perfect clothes-horse for some of the most elaborate, camp and OTT costumes I’ve ever seen. I give him a standing ovation for the 15+ costume changes throughout. Without question the best Dame mince in the Biz!

Blue’s Simon Webbe makes his Panto debut and looks the epitome of the much admired and desirable Aladdin. He drives the pop/musical/dance elements of the show perfectly.


4* for Aladdin @ The Theatre Royal Nottingham.

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Here’s our review and Exclusive interview with Dame Christopher Biggins…

For me, the first half was a little too clever & ‘wordy’ for kids although the second half whizzes along.

Aladdin is more of a musical play than a pantomime to begin. It’s a shame there aren’t more ‘panto’ moments in the first half. However ‘the shopping list’, is genius and was nailed effortlessly by Nickless.

When you’ve seen amazing comedians like Pasquale, Conley & Ritchie who all ‘own’ the show with their own ‘bits’, it’s hard to compare. The key to Panto is looking like you love it and giving 100%.

Webbe’s Aladdin offers pitch perfect vocals although at times he looked a little bemused by the medium. By Act 2 he gave in to the ludicrousness and looked at ease.

The lighting and sound is always exceptional with the Theatre Royal Panto produced by Qdos, not easy considering the complexity of the show.

The ensemble were polished and the children added an essential cuteness.

Simon Webb Review Theatre Royal Nottingham Ben Nickless Review Pantomime Nottingham Theatre Royal Theatre Royal Nottingham Pantomime Review Aladdin 2015

Aladdin has two breath-taking moments for children, the first is a little scary right at the beginning (I wont spoil it) and the obligatory flying carpet scene is beautifully produced and staged and as effective as Aladdin on Broadway which I struggled through last month.

There’s the usual sing-a-long with the kids which is a sure fire hit and the contractual drenching of the entire audience to set the mood & keep everyone on their toes.

Unlike others, this show doesn’t brag 3D, screaming crocodiles or even the 12 days of Christmas – however, it has remarkable costumes, terrific dance numbers and big laughs.

Pantomime is the backbone of British theatre both financially and historically and no-one does it better than Qdos.

It’s thrilling to see these shows selling out and doing so well. Long may this continue.

Just get a ticket and judge for yourself! Christmas wouldn’t be complete for me without Panto so book now! Get Tickets HERE!

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebirty Radio 6th December 2015.