Review Bat Out Of Hell Musical

Review Bat Out Of Hell Musical…

BAT OUT OF HELL is epic, immersive, cinematic, bonkers and the biggest sing in West End history.

This production is slick, polished and huge! If you like the music of Meatloaf – you’ll have the best night of your musical theatre life!

Every single voice in this show is ENORMOUS! The power of each vocalist leaves you wondering how they can sing this ludicrous score 8 times a week?

The story is almost impossible to follow, although loosely based on Peter Pan. Basically a homoerotic love tryst – who knew?

At times the dialogue is bizarre and schticky – but who cares, there’s a knowing irony throughout. If you liked We Will Rock You, you’ll love BAT OUT OF HELL. It’s visually similar too.

There are a few glorious bits of theatre. ‘The car’, ‘the fall’, ‘the bats’, ‘the bike’ are beautiful moments worth the ticket price alone!

You have to catch BAT OUT OF HELL before it closes on Aug 22nd. Alternatively fly to see it in Toronto this Autumn. It’s a bonkers joy-fest.

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The cast are unique, brilliant & divine.

Andrew Polec is fearless as ‘Strat’. What a voice, what charisma. He is equally matched by Christina Bennington who has the voice of an angel. They nail these mammoth tunes.

The surround-sound at the London Coliseum is sensational. What remarkable technical genius’ behind this show. Best sound that I’ve heard in the UK.

Nods also to Rob Fowler, Sharon Sexton & Dom Hartley-Harris. Kudos to Aran Macrae who had a gorgeous tenderness & Danielle Steers who has a delicious tone.

The choreography in this production is inspired. Verging on modern ballet at times, this ensemble is vibrant, fun and fills the huge stage with joy.

The set and production is second to none. It must have cost a fortune. So rare for a limited run.

With clever use of lighting, film, perspective & sound – BAT OUT OF HELL is a master-class in staging.

Originally written as a musical, BAT OUT OF HELL went on to become one of the most iconic and successful albums of all time.

40 years later, Jim Steinman’s critically acclaimed love story for the ages fills the London Coliseum nightly with this epic story!

The Coliseum London West End:

BAT OUT OF HELL plays the London Coliseum until 22 August 2017 before transferring to Toronto from 14th October.

This show has some adult language and themes unsuitable for children.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 1st August 2017