Review BAZ Star Crossed Love Vegas

Review BAZ Starred Crossed Love Las Vegas…

BAZ – Star Crossed Love is described as a “modern and intimate cabaret”. Sadly it’s neither modern or a cabaret – just simply a confused, noisy & cluttered mess.

BAZ is a musical love letter to Luhrmann’s most romantic films: Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge, and The Great Gatsby.

This is more mess-up than mash-up pulling from familiar theatrical themes. A bit of Cirque, a lot of Broadway and an attempt at iconic Vegas.

It blows my mind that in a town like Las Vegas, with so many people involved, a production on this scale could miss the mark so spectacularly….and still perform nightly.

The show starts cluttered and screamy, using the entire space as a racetrack. It continued this way until I had to bail.

Rarely have I been more offended by such a theatrical mess. At times the over singing was painful.

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Here’s our EXCLUSIVE audio / video review via YouTube:

Despite clearly having one of the most talented casts in Las Vegas, one of the best playlists & PA systems – this show is bewildering, distracting, unintelligible to the point of lunacy.

The cast simply have nothing to work with. They’re trying to make foie gras out of a Big Mac.

Despite being described as “soul-stirring” with “stunning performances” – this is one of the biggest misses in theatrical history. I felt nothing…other than exhausted and confused.

In a town as stunning as Vegas, this is a 2* disappointment that wouldn’t last two minutes on Broadway or in the West End. My heart genuinely sinks for the amazing cast.

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What offends me most about BAZ is that it has clearly had a ton of time and money thrown at it – maybe too much.

There is a gorgeous stage, but, they sit half the audience on it, so for much of the show you cannot see what is going on. FAIL. Maybe that’s why the cast spend half their time running around the auditorium at lunatic speed for distraction….who knows?

I was literally dizzy for the first 25 minutes. The screaming MC is nothing short of annoying.

My last theatrical encounter with Baz Luhrmann was on Broadway at La Boheme – a theatrical masterpiece. It is therefore even more bewildering how this show has gone so far off the rails.

Effectively this is a musical trying to be everything to everyone. There are some remarkable voices and dancers in this production, but, it has clearly been edited by someone with ADHD who destroys every seed of beauty.

Nothing breathes, nothing grows – 60-90 seconds into every routine, song or set piece the show moves on leaving me and those around me cold, aggravated & confused.

I had to leave. Depressing. This is a wasted ticket and time in a town full of sensational shows.

Tuesday – Sunday 7pm at Palazzo Las Vegas.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 16th May 2017