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Enjoy Celebrity Radio Review Biscayne Steak Sea Wine Tropicana Las Vegas….

The Biscayne Restaurant at Tropicana Las Vegas a sophisticated, elegant and unpretentious eatery with great service.

This is the perfect pre-theatre restaurant for ‘Raiding The Rock Vault’ at 8pm – a 5* production at The Trop.

With fine dining service, a fabulous wine menu – this is the perfect place to celebrate, relax and enjoy in Las Vegas.

All of the fish in this restaurant is fresh. All of the steaks are hand picked and from my meal, of remarkable quality.

There’s something for everyone with a wonderful selection of steaks, fresh fish and salads for both appetisers and entrees.

A delightful dining experience at Biscayne….

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So, to the food…

There’s a lovely selection of appetisers.

The ‘Key West Chop’ with grilled mahi and hearts of palm, red onion & citrus was a hugely refreshing start to the meal.

Next, the Lamb Eggplant Tacos were a fun amuse bouche with roast tomato jam.

For those with a bigger appetite, do try the ‘Surf and Turf Skewers’.  This is very nicely cooked shrimp and mini fillet medallions with chorizo and punchy dressing.

Appetisers Biscayne Restaurant Review Tropicana Salad Appetisers Biscayne Restaurant Review Tropicana Tacos Appetisers Biscayne Restaurant Review Tropicana Shrimp

The entrees at Biscayne are very generous in portions served a la carte.

I highly recommend you try one of the many steaks. Why wouldn’t you? This is their signature dish.

Biscayne offer New York Strip 14oz, Bone-In Ribeye 18oz and Porterhouse 24oz.

We chose the Fillet Mignon 8oz which comes serves with roast vegetables.

I was nervous it was overcooked when presented but it was so tender, melt in your mouth and perfectly pink inside – 5*! Chef clearly knows what he/she is doing.

Entrees Biscayne Review New York Strip Entrees Biscayne Review Steak Steak Entrees Biscayne Review

I wanted to try a fish dish, the one that shot out for me the delicious seared scallops with truffled hearts of palm puree. A very generous 5 scollop entrée portion.

I added the asparagus on the side, perfectly cooked with lemon alioli drizzle.

I was fascinated to try the braised short rib with goat cheddar grits and roasted root vegetables and jus. It was pull apart tender, packed with flavour and a hearty meal.

Scallop Entrees Biscayne Review  Best Value Steak and Fish Las Vegas Entrees Biscayne Review Short Rib

Do not miss dessert…

With being in Biscayne one must naturally try the Key Lime Pie with swiss meringue and lemon pearls. Beautifully presented, unique and not what you are expecting.

The chocolate mousse is a personal favourite. So simple – so divine, delicious & decadent. My favourite by a MILE!

Finally Miriam (our wonderful server) recommended the ‘deconstructed banana cream pie’.

This comes with banana pudding, villa wafer and a delightful and charming waitress who pours chocolate over the top at the table.

Desserts Biscayne Restaurant Tropicana (4) Desserts Biscayne Restaurant Tropicana (3) Desserts Biscayne Restaurant Tropicana (1)

What I love about Biscayne is that it is a hidden gem without any arrogance or rip off prices. So rare on the Strip these days.

The staff are ‘old school’ – I love it. They literally make your meal the joy that it was.

The food is very good and the experience was hugely memorable.

Don’t miss Biscayne at Tropicana Las Vegas.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 14th May 2016.

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