4* Review Blue Man Group Luxor Las Vegas

Review Blue Man Group Luxor Las Vegas…

Blue Man Group is the ultimate multi-sensory, visual overload, action packed fun-fest offering 80 minutes of bizarre and brilliant 4*+ fun & shennanigans!

It’s loud, hysterical, interactive, messy, in your face and like nothing your eyes will have seen before.

What’s most beautiful is that this show (at 7pm & 9.30pm) is for all of the family! In fact last night a 2 year old sat next to me mezmerised….hours after its natural bedtime!

Unlike most ‘family’ shows the Dads will not sit bored, not at BMG – they’ll love it as much as, if not more than the kids!

This show crescendo’s into a riotous party leaving the front 3 rows drenched, the back rows covered and everyone working out what the hell just happened! Genius.

More than 25 years after Blue Man Group first took to the stage, it still inspires, captivates and innovates.



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So, what are The Blue Men? Well, they’re earless, voiceless, blue-skinned, black-clad Stars who couldn’t care less about Trump, Brexit or the lunacy of Las Vegas.

Through music, rhythm, prop percussion and the odd grunt, you become a part of this massive, messy & beautifully designed production.

You’ll be overwhelmed by the immersive sights, sounds and confetti that destroy the theatre twice daily!

The music is moving, emotional & utterly compelling – all created Live on stage by the Blue Men and their band.

Most appealing about this show is the soundtrack, rhythm, beat & Live sounds that drives the production. Add in the sensational lights, props and perfect staging and you have a smash hit!

Be warned, the Blue Men do like to toy with the audience – you may well find yourself in the show…not just watching it! Hysterical.

Hold on tight – this ride is not for the faint of heart!

Don’t miss The Blue Man Group at Luxor Las Vegas nightly at 7 & 9.30pm.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 21st May 2019.