4* Review BODIES Luxor Las Vegas

Review BODIES Luxor Las Vegas…

BODIES exhibition at Luxor is a fascinating hour of insight in Las Vegas.

Who knew the body was so fascinating and complicated – yet we just take it for granted.

I have to admit some of the exhibits are gruesome! This museum of life is explicit in offering a 360 celebration of every inch of the human body.

From birth to death we get to see how the human body develops. It’s utterly incredible. From fetus to cancer, this exhibition shows you every single organ dissected and perfectly preserved so that you can see every part of the body.

I have to admit some of this exhibit were shocking and somewhat unnerving – especially the cancer sections. This serves its purpose to make us realise who short and precious life is! However, it’s our body!

Everyone should see this exhibit – however, it’s probably not suitable for children.

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Described as a “life-changing experience,” BODIES…The Exhibition is one of the most fascinating and educational experiences in Las Vegas.

These real human bodies have been meticulously dissected, preserved through an innovative process and respectfully presented, giving visitors the opportunity to view the beauty and complexity of their own organs and systems like never before.

In addition to providing an up-close look inside our skeletal, muscular, respiratory and circulatory systems, the Exhibition encourages healthy lifestyle choices.

Authentic human specimens illustrate the damage caused to organs by smoking, over-eating and lack of exercise.

This is a fascinating way to spend an hour in Las Vegas. Don’t miss BODIES at Luxor.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 21st May 2019.