5* REVIEW Book Of Mormon Broadway

Review Book Of Mormon Broadway…..

The Book Of Mormon is one of the most hyped, popular and successful musicals in theatrical history.

It’s shocking, offensive, outrageous and I loved every minute of it!

It’s a 5* outrageous satire with spectacular dance numbers, Broadway belters and bucket loads of parody (mocking the genre and subject) throughout.

This is not Disney! Frankly it’s R18 and certainly not for the faint of heart. Nothing is off limits from lady part circumcision, paedophilia to race and religion.

You wouldn’t expect anything less from the makers of South Park! Hearing 2000 people laughing at such a polished script & tight productions/staging on Broadway was a thrill.

BOM is a 5* belly laugh inducing comedy romp packed with stunning vocals, hysterical dance routines and thought provoking comedy that will leave you speechless, shocked as well as roaring with laughter!


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The Book of Mormon is written by “South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone and Oscar winner Robert Lopez (“Frozen”) is still a sell-out hit.

This show won nine Tony’s, including Best Musical and still generates over $1M a week on Broadway in the top 5 shows.

It’s the story of young Mormon missionaries dispatched to a tribal village in Africa to win converts to the Mormon religion. This wasn’t as easy as it first appeared!

This spoof, parody and satire mocks the lunacy of religion and its devoted practitioners.

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Book Of Mormon Musical Review

Like all great comedy, sometimes the more boundaries you push and buttons you press – the more joyous and hysterical the journey becomes. I guess that is the genius of Matt & Trey.

The reason BOM is such a ludicrous success is that despite it being a 2.5 hour piss take, it is perfectly crafted and beautifully produced and directed with a stellar script and tunes.

Despite it’s parody, this show musically is up there with any London or Broadway production.

Cody Jamison Strand arguably steals the show with remarkable comic timing and likability as the compulsively deceptive Elder Cunningham. Terrific voice and magnetic personality. His ‘South Park’ style is a familiar hoot for the audience.

Nikki Renee Daniels is truly adorable and is the epitome of a Broadway Star. Her voice is phenomenal and truly shines in this role of Nabulungi. She vocally is sensational and untouchable in this show.

Finally, Dave Thomas Brown leads the cast magnificently as Elder Price and deserves huge kudos for a perfect delivery. He has charm and a remarkable energy, pace, precision & voice demonstrated throughout the stupendous ‘I Believe’.

Finally, what I love about Book Of Mormon is the subtlety. There are obvious nods to The Lion King but there are very clever musical references to Wicked and other Broadway musicals.

Equal to the musical subtlety is the outrageous comic crudity – in places shocking! Even after seeing it many times.

Matt & Trey are genius’. This musical is welcome relief from the predictable, safe, repetitive song book shows that have taken over the genre.

There are moments you wince and wonder ‘how do they get away with that’.

However, you leave elated, moved and slightly exhausted from laughing too much.

Bravo boys & gals! 5* for BOM which continues on Broadway in 2018.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 7th June 2018.

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