Review Boyz II Men Mirage Las Vegas

Review Boyz II Men Mirage Las Vegas…

I cannot say enough good things about Boyz II Men @ Mirage Hotel & Casino Las Vegas.

In summary, it’s a 90 minute master-class vocal brilliance!

These guys can sing. These guys can dance. These guys can work the crowd.

These guys are old-school. They offer the epitome of a beautifully produced Las Vegas show.

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Enjoy our HD VIDEO review from Boyz 11 Men LIVE @ Mirage:

Firstly, I’ve been coming to Vegas for a long time but rarely do you see such genuine admiration from fans that equal those of BOYZ 11 MEN @ The Terry Fator Theatre at Mirage. Their fans LOVE THEM!

These boys get it…and they’ve got it! They start strong and finish even stronger.

Unlike so many productions around the world, this show does not rely on flashy sets and distraction tactics.

In fact, Boyz 11 Men share ventriloquist Terry Fator’s theatre, lighting, PA and set – they don’t need gimmicks….their voices are the Stars of the show.


It is so rare that you enter a theatre in 2018 and simply marvel at the talent on stage without distraction.

Boyz 11 Men were born to perform, sing and enchant audiences. All three of their voices have been kissed by God in very different ways.

Their harmonies are the simply perfect, the best in the business. Tighter than a Britney Spears corset, their voices blend like butter.

Boyz 11 Men consist of a trio composed of baritone Nathan Morris alongside tenors Wanya Morris and Shawn Stockman. During the 1990s, Boyz II Men found fame on Motown Records as a quartet.

In honour of their roots the guys did a 10 minute tribute to the Stars of Motown who they credit with their careers.

Their biggest hit ‘End of the Road’ stayed at Number 1 in the Billboard charts for 13 weeks breaking records at the time.


There is no question this was the ’11 O’clock number’ that stole the show and frankly the moment everyone was waiting for. Vocally they nailed it Bigtime!

The audience at Boyz 11 Men @ Mirage clearly adored the guys. Their music is romantic and takes you back to better times.

They’re now all over 40 – but they still have the moves and the touch with the ladies for sure.


The Boyz gave the audience several opportunities to get up close and very personal… many took advantage of this generous and rare offer!

What I loved most about Boyz 11 Men is that there was no smoke and mirrors – it was all killer, no filler and 3 voices blending together like no other to form a heavenly sound.

I was genuinely moved by their remarkable talent, performance and professionalism.

What was also impressive was their love for the gig and their audience. They seem to embrace every second and appeared to genuinely be grateful for the opportunity to perform in Las Vegas for their adoring fans.

Don’t miss Boyz 11 Men at Mirage Las Vegas. You cannot fail to be inspired, impressed and amazed by their pure talent.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 27th May 2018.