Review Browns Restaurant 2016

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Review Browns Restaurant 2016….

This is an elegant brand of eateries with decadent touches, a lovely bar and very respectful service. We visited Nottingham in March 2016.

With an obvious French flair, the room is spacious, grand and perfect for business dinners or special occasions.

Browns offer an exceptional ‘early bird’ menu from 12-7pm at £11.95. Great value.

The evening a la carte menu is much more expensive than your average local restaurant or pub. However, I’m not convinced some of the food meets expectations (for the price).

The food is really very nice but served simply, uncluttered and without pretension. Browns is classic bistro done well in lovely surroundings.

Browns have unique touches like a Live pianist Sunday’s 1pm – 4pm. There’s also cocktails from £5 and lobster night on Thursdays.

In truth I’ve had much better food for the price but the ‘Early Bird’ is 5* value whilst the a la carte closer to 3*…..

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The starters at Browns were a jolly affair and arguably the most enjoyable on the menu.

Although the ‘Taste of Browns’ was lovely with chicken, pate, prawns, asparagus and croquettes – it was way over priced at nearly £16.

However, the crab and avocado was an absolute delight. So beautifully presented and a delicious beginning to the meal.

The Browns Salad (with extra goats cheese) is a beautifully fresh green salad with apple. Loved it! Crisp and perfectly created and packed with goodness….

Browns Restaurant Review Sharing platter Browns Restaurant Review Crab appetiser Browns Restaurant Review House Salad

Next to the mains – mostly a disaster..

I opted for the belly pork. This plate was just so unappealing with mostly brown and greys in appearance – bland in colour and flavour.

I added the scallops (£6) which made this dish a ludicrous £20+.

The scallops were disgusting and just appallingly cooked. The belly pork was beautifully tender but the dish was just dull and over priced.

Next came the superb Lamb cutlets and a pulled shoulder of lamb shepherd’s pie. This was divine – topped with minted pea mash, sautéed samphire & chestnut mushrooms.

Finally the Seabass was frankly dull and tastless. Somewhat undercooked and Pearl barley risotto just tasted re-hearted and gloopy. Not great.

Browns Restaurant Review Belly Pork Browns Restaurant Review Shepherds Pie Browns Restaurant Review Fish

One of the most disappointing dishes was the ‘sticky duck salad’.

This was one of the dullest most awfully presented dishes I’ve ever been served.

The duck was dreadful, verging on inedible and very little of it. I was expecting gorgeous flavoursome chunks of ‘sticky’ duck – not some £3.99 Chinese buffet all-u-can-eat crispy duck.

Even my rabbit would lose interest ploughing this these leaves and greenery…..£13.50.

Browns Restaurant Review Sticky Duck Salad

Finally the desserts were lovely and offer all of the classics.

The sticky toffee pudding was moist and filled with flavour.

The triple chocolate was every chocoholics dream with ice-cream, white chocolate pot and (barely) warm choc fondant. Very decadent!

Finally the caramel profiteroles were superb and very nicely presented…

Browns Restaurant Review Sticky Toffee Pudding Browns Restaurant Review Ttriple Chocolate Browns Restaurant Review Dessert

The cheese board was a lovely end to our meal.

A very generous selection of four cheeses with nice biscuits – it’s the perfect French and civilised way to end the meal.

However, again, what the hell is the disgusting apple baby food in the middle? Never heard of such nonsense. A simple chutney would have been perfect. What do I know?

Browns Restaurant Review Cheese Board

So it’s a mixed bag for Browns. The food is hit and miss for the price.

Let me be clear, this restaurant is lovely, the food is fine but post 7pm the prices are incredibly high considering some of the quality of the food.

I will return…but before 7pm. Amazing deal!

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 30th March 2016.