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The Heathrow Express is certainly the quickest, most pleasant and best way to get from central London to Heathrow.

Whether you are travelling to Terminals 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 – the Heathrow Express will get you there in under 20 minutes!

Terminals 1, 2 & 3 takes only 15 minutes!

The carriages are clean, spacious and have tons of room for baggage.

Business First offers even more luxury during this none-stop high speed dash to the Capital!


Review Business first Heathrow Express Business first Heathrow Express Review Review Business first Heathrow Express

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Better still – kids travel free with any adult!

Trains leave Paddington every 15 minutes from 05.10 until 23.25.

You cannot fail to be impressed by the efficiency of this service.

The London Underground from Heathrow takes 45 minutes longer into the centre of London.

Review Business first Heathrow Express (2) Review Business first Heathrow Express Print Online Review Business first Heathrow Express Free newspapers

There are free newspapers and magazines for Business First passengers.

At Paddington they use dedicated platforms 6 and 7.

Remarkably in 2013, 94.0% of trains arrived at their destination within 5 minutes of the scheduled time. Exceptional for the Capital.

Express SaverOnline/Ticket Machines/Ticket OfficesSingle21.50
Express Standard*On-board onlySingle26.50
Business FirstOnline/Ticket Machines/Ticket Offices/On-boardSingle29.50
Express Carnet**Online/Ticket Machines/Ticket Offices/On-boardCarnet193.20
Business First Carnet**Online/Ticket Machines/Ticket Offices/On-boardCarnet265.20

The truth is that it is almost a waste of money going Business First as the service is so quick and efficient.

However, if someone else is paying -you can’t lose and it is a more private, spacious and relaxed section of the train.

The Heathrow Express couldn’t be more efficient.

The only way to travel to and from London and Heathrow Airport!


Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 9th June 2015.