4* REVIEW Chicago West End 2018

REVIEW Chicago West End 2018…

Let’s face it, CHICAGO is THE sexiest, most beautifully choreographed and tightly crafted musical in global history. The 2018 West End production is no exception…

Some 40+ years after the show first took to the stage, it is as relevant today as it was when Ford was President. Bob Fosse’s unique choreography is still as electrifying, exciting and sexy as ever.

This ensemble cast are 5* and at the top of their games. Such precision. As I leave London mid-summer at 30 degrees, they are equally as hot and steamy!

Such vocal & physical precision and perfect timing during the big killer numbers. A joy to watch.

The show is about media manipulation, PR distraction & narcissistic ‘celebs’ who are willing to do anything for exposure and attention….without any shame and even less class.

To think that whilst I was sat at the Phoenix Theatre watching this play about ‘me me me’ from 1926 – 3 million are sat at home watching dopey attention seekers in Love Island on TV! Nothing has changed.

The seduction of fame will always enchant and ultimately corrupt. Welcome @ Chicago!

Sexy. Hysterical. Stunning Choreography – 4*. BOOK HERE!


Enjoy our HD Video review via YouTube:

The orchestra at CHICAGO are always remarkable. A tremendous brass section which is electrifying throughout. Their on stage presence makes this a delightful half jazz club, half cabaret.

The score/lyrics by Kander & Ebb are faultless. A masterclass in pacing, structure, light and shade and overall musical brilliance. Not a second is wasted.

Martin Kemp ‘stars’ as Billy Flynn.

Tonight had a stellar lead cast…

Mazz Murray joins the company this week playing the title role of Mama Morton. She’s an effortless star and embodies the naughtiness and confidence of the MM. Comic talent unlike ANYONE else in the West End.

Sarah Soetaert is a stunning & sassy Roxie with a joyful quality throughout whilst Josefina Gabrielle owns the stage as the deliciously despicable but commanding Velma. Her physicality is only to be admired.

Paul Rider is a perfect Amos Hart. Nods to A D Richardson got some of the biggest cheers – fantastic!

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We have a new HD Video interview with Mazz Murray coming soon!

Chicago has a simplicity that lets the ‘play’ shine whilst the choreography and score is off the scale. Perfect.

There’s a profound take-away from this musical. Am I less important, less talented and less of a human being because I don’t have as many Twitter followers as Justin Bieber? If you ask most in the ‘media’ under 40, they might well agree. Morons. I’ll leave it with you….

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 5th July 2018