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Following two West End runs & UK tours, Dirty Dancing is back having had a 2016 make-over.

Based on the iconic 1987 film, Baby Houseman and Johnny Castle’s love story continues to pull huge audiences world wide.

It’s fair to say this is a ‘girls night out’ musical. There’s plenty of flesh/guns on offer throughout to the whooping delight of the sell out crowd. This is not Shakespeare!

Inevitably this show is ‘in’. The crowd tonight at the glorious Manchester Palace Theatre were a step ahead of the script throughout. I guess that’s the joy of such a loved & iconic story.

If the ladies weren’t dizzy with excitement, they were certainly woozy after 3 hours of the constantly revolving set! Good lord. There’s more door slamming than a 20’s farce!

Katie Hartland offers a beauty & tenderness as Baby. She has superb skill & masterfully owns this role.

Meanwhile Lewis Griffiths singlehandedly steals the show. It’s a killer 5* master-class in performance. Such a unique, exhausting & mammoth role delivered to perfection.

Griffiths IS Johnny Castle and the best I’ve ever seen cast in this role.  He’s a stunning dancer with Broadway passion. He oozes effortless warmth, charm and clear sex appeal that the audience adored.

If you liked the film you’ll LOVE Dirty Dancing The Musical!


Dirty Dancing Tour
Dirty Dancing Tour
Dirty Dancing Tour Lewis Griffiths Johnny Interview

Enjoy an Exclusive review of the 2016/2017 tour:

Sadly this show does not have a Live band. It doesn’t matter, the 40+ songs featured are mostly the originals anyway.

The finale of ‘Time of our life’ took the roof off. A master-class in demanding a standing ovation.

Kudos to the ensemble who gave the show their all.

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Dirty Dancing Tour Katie Hartland Baby Interview
Review Dirty Dancing Tour

Enjoy the full interview with Katie & Lewis HERE via YouTube:

This show is a campfest, feel-good, couple of hours of escapism.

Great tunes, top cast, 5* sensational leading man but clunky 3.5* production.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 10th October 2016.

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