Review Cinderella Bradford Alhambra

Review Cinderella Bradford Alhambra…

Cinderella is a lavish, decadent, hysterical joy of a pantomime at the Bradford Alhambra until Jan 28th 2018.

Packed with warmth & charm, this tradition telling of the most loved panto has 2018 energy, magical moments, spectacular illusions and a dream of a cast Starring Billy Pearce & Coleen Nolan.

Cinderella is slick, fast paced with exciting choreography, and one of the most immersive story book sets I’ve seen. This show fills this enormous and fabulous temple of showbiz gloriously. The sound is faultless.

The ‘flying coach and horses’ is magnificent for the kids. Qdos’ music is a glorious addition.

Sticking true to the story there’s endless much loved panto gags that audiences never tire of. Billy Pearce has a magnetic energy driving this mammoth must see production…



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The ‘If I was not in pantomime’ and ‘The Wall’ may well be ‘old bits’, but, they are masterpieces of comedy delivered with precision and impecable timing.

The Alhambra has been home to Billy Pearce for 18 years – an extraordinary achievement! ‘The Bear’ in Act 2 is one of the most beautiful bits of panto pathos I’ve ever seen.

Rarely off stage, he has boundless energy and offers strong local gags, physical brilliance for the the kids and endless double-entendre for the Dads. Perfect panto synergy.

Graham Hoadley (Hernia) and Jack Land Noble (Verruca) are divine Uglies!

Perfectly grotesque, they are outstanding together….remarkable considering it is their first time partnering each other.

Their deliciously decadent and outrageous costumes are brilliant.

Last but not least, The Fairy Godmother, Coleen Nolan is wonderfully warm and appealing. Her voice has never sounded better and I loved the opening flying high over this enormous stage.

Act 2 opens with a beautifully choreographed ‘I’m in the mood for dancing’ which the audience adored! Biggest cheer of the night.

The scenes with Pearce & her son, Shane Nolan are perfect.

Shane is a fantastic Dandini and I wish he was given more room to shine. It’s not surprising he’s a star in the making with such powerhouse parental influences!

Shane has a terrific voice and I would have loved to have seen him showcased in his own number with the ensemble.

Sarah Goggins is a delightful Cinderella with a delicious voice. She’s a powerful vocalist who plays gloriously opposite the dashing Prince Charming, Sam Barrett.

The ensemble are delightful and the famous Sunbeams complete the line-up of Cinderella fantastically.

In summary, this is Billy Pearce’ show. He has such charisma and energy and he is everything that every world class pantomime required! Bravo. Inspired performance.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 2nd Jan 2018.