2* REVIEW Club World British Airways HDTV

REVIEW Club World British Airways HDTV…

I can honestly say that in over 30 years of flying, Club World by British Airways is THE most disappointing business product that I’ve endured in the air in my life.

Club World is said to be on par with Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class – but, it certainly is not. Incomparable.

Broken toilets, broken Wi-fi, inedible food, incomprehensible seats (hideous), poor check-in, no sleep suit – I’m begging you to allow me back Mr. Branson!

Watch our exclusive October 2019 HDTV Video filmed from Check-in to landing.

Find out why it was so hideous…

Enjoy our HD VIDEO via YouTube:

The Galleries lounge was very nice. We should have eaten in there! The food on board was the most shocking I’ve been served in the ski’s – even in economy.

My seat on the day was £6000+ on their official website and we paid thousands.

Look at the shit we were served…

Watch the video for the full story but British Airways Club World is living in 1975.

The seats are ludicrous, the food is cattle class standard and the fact toilet & Wi-Fi were broken sums up the entire experience.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity radio 21st October 2019.