5* Review COME FROM AWAY Broadway

Review COME FROM AWAY Broadway…

It’s incredibly rare that a musical could make you laugh out loud for 90 minutes, let alone a show about 9/11 – but, somehow, Come From Away does!

This touching memoire tells the story of a tiny town in Canada that became the worlds busiest airport on 9/11 housing 1000’s of passengers from 38 planes grounded for days after the terrorist attack in 2001.

The staging is hugely innovative, the lighting superb & the band are perfect. Collective it’s a beautiful 90 minutes of theatre played straight through without intermission – even better!

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This story of community, love, hope, spirit and solidarity is inspiring. This show keeps you compelled with an insanely polished and beautiful performance from a collective 5* cast.

With an Irish musical flavour throughout, not dissimilar to ONCE, this show has a fabulous diversity, rawness and reality that is captivating.

Come From Away is more or less a play set to music retelling the events of a town in Newfoundland accommodating the 6,700 travellers whose planes were diverted after the 9/11 attacks.

Jen Colella particularly shone throughout as Beverley. A compelling and stunning actress who has a killer Broadway talent.

The entire cast are superb and each completely individual. Great to hear Chad Kimball shine tonight. A massive talent with a unique and stunning voice.

This show has heart from the second the cast enter the stage. It’s a tragic and depressing piece of history that is made human and real.

The key to humanity is humour in the darkest times and this show is packed with huge laughs….often born out of awkward and difficult situations. It’s handled perfectly.

Congratulations to the entire production, cast and crew. A must see on Broadway.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 6th June 2018