5* Review Crazy Girls Las Vegas

Review Crazy Girls Las Vegas…

CRAZY GIRLS @ PH is by far the SEXIEST production show in Las Vegas!

This show has 6 stunning girls who provide the most seductive & sensual show in Sin City! This shows proudly skirts between sexy to sexual…the perfect balance!

Hosted by the gorgeous Dani Elizabeth, she introducers the dancers who are clearly exceptional athletes.

Enjoy an exclusive interview with host Dani from Crazy Girls:

Many of the girls were stars of JUBILEE – the classiest topless revue in Las Vegas history. This show may not have their stage or budget, but, it equals, if not beats, the elegance and pure classless sexiness in feel.

This show pushes the boundaries with girl on girl scenes and without question offers the HOTTEST asses in town. These ladies are truly delicious.

Seriously, some of these shows are hideous. Some of them insist on endless comedy throughout completely ruining the mood. The ladies looked like they loved they job and that is infectious.

CRAZY GIRLS gives you 70 minutes of pure fantasy, sexiness and seduction. I LOVED IT!


With its new move to residency at the Planet Hollywood Casino Resort, Crazy Girls is clearly a permanent fixture on the Las Vegas Strip.

This show has been performing for over 30 years! With roots in Paris this show has a class & elegance above the rest.

CRAZY GIRLS is an ultra-sexy show which has entertained millions over the years including famous faces like Nicolas Cage, Magic Johnson, Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci and Tom Jones.

I could do without the wigs, these girls are too perfect for gimmicks, however, this is iconic for the show. Also, the ‘huge cock’ scene was ludicrous and ruined the mood. A ludicrous insult to an otherwise fabulous show. Thank god the finale recaptured the mood.

The reason this show works is because of the room. It’s so intimate and the perfect stage for this topless revue.

There’s a simplicity about the staging that is hot. Great lighting. The HUGE mirror at the back of the stage gives an immersive quality which is perfect for the hottest topless review in the entertainment capital of the world.

Routines range from topless contemporary boot-stomping pole dance numbers to bawdy, burlesque classics.

$500,000 in dazzling costumes adorn each girl, from Parisian-influenced topless outfits to black leather and spiked heels, but one thing is constant – the G-strings that accentuate the Girls’ trademark derrieres.

These girls are hot…

The always controversial Crazy Girls is a must-see show only at Planet Hollywood. A 5* late night R18 joy of a show. What Vegas was made for.

Crazy Girls is the standard to which the other shows should aspire.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 27th May 2018.

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