Review Deadknobs & Doomsticks

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Review Deadknobs & Doomsticks by Joe Pasquale…

It seems like anyone can write and release a book in 2018, but, not everyone can illustrate their stories as beautifully as Joe Pasquale.

This hugely talented comedian has written a series of stories illustrated by his own gorgeous art.

There are 12 short stories written in an engaging, warm and at times chilling way, Joe uses his life story to set up these chilling tales.

Naturally surreal, you’ll find yourself engaged from the very beginning until the last word.

Joe is no stranger to the ‘dark’ and mysterious having loved horror for his entire life. He uses his whimsy and wit to lure you into a false sense of security…with often chilling consequences.


There are moments of great warmth like the story of his ‘Grandad Alice’, but it always end in a dark place.

Most fascinating about this book is the illustrations.

Joe is a hugely talented artist and the 12 pictures truly celebrate his gift with his many different styles and pictures…

The book is not only fun if you’re a fan of Joe but also the medium of horror.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 30th Jan 2018