Review Derren Brown UNDERGROUND

Review Derren Brown UNDERGROUND 2018…

Since 2000, Derren Brown has been one of the UK’s most popular magicians and best selling theatre stars.

Technically he’s as a master mentalist, opposed to illusionist – and naturally in a league in the UK in terms of ticket sales. His global reach for his TV specials is astonishing.

In 2018 he celebrates ‘the best of’ his incredible life on stage with ‘UNDERGROUND’.

Brown is the king of deception. He admits that magic doesn’t exist & the show is not ‘real’ yet we still remain captivated. It’s brilliant theatre and 100% interactive without. Without the audience there is no show!

Derren Brown sold out at the glorious Nottingham Theatre Royal:

He’ll leave you confused, bewildered and screaming “HOW DOES HE DO THAT!”

For me, this ancient form of entertainment never gets old and is current today as it was decades ago. Mentalism (done well) takes you back to being a child. There’s no better feeling than being amazed at 38!

There’s no better craftsman of this art in Britain than Derren. He’s a master.

Cool, calm and theatrically faultless – UNDERGROUND is a fantastic night out. The finale is a masterclass.

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We saw UNERGROUND in Nottingham. Like the rest of the tour, it was a sell-out, standing ovation inducing 2.5 hours of compelling brilliance.

Derren has a remarkable and inspiring popularity. The warmth from the crowd was overwhelming.

The set looks beautiful and Derren’s mental agility and memory is quite astonishing. The beginning of Act 2 is a masterclass in ‘whipping up the crowd’. The finale is beautifully staged.

Obviously I won’t detail or reveal anything about the show, that would be inappropriate, however, this is mentalism at it’s best.

It’s clever, classy and utterly compelling. A master manipulator who has mastered his craft.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 24th April 2018.