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It’s very rare you are in the presence of true greatness, legends, icons and ‘Stars’ in 2017, but, at ‘Des O’Connor & Jimmy Tarbuck Live’ – you are!

They’ve collectively spent over 100 years on stage mastering their art. Watching them work is the epitome of theatrical class and elegance. They both make it look effortless.

The show opens with a traditional song and dance number by D&J followed by a perfect 50 minute set from Tarby.

Des takes the reins for the second half and they close together with an incongruous sing-a-long to Amarillo. Who cares – they’re Des & Jimmy.

This is a master-class of show business. True legends with history, warmth and bucket loads of charm that breaks your heart with love and respect.

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It felt like ‘the good old days’ at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool tonight.

To see the place packed with people who came to see two institutions was glorious.

Lets face it, they come no bigger than Des – what a career. What a Star. As he plays clips from his 60+ year career, you marvel at his life and sheer stamina.

As for Tarby, well, he is in my opinion one of the greatest technicians of comedy in British history. His material stands up in 2017 and his delivery is faultless. He’s not cute or clichéd. He’s still got balls, edge and spark – I LOVE that!

It has to be said that Des was clearly in great pain and incredibly unwell during tonight’s performance. He struggled both physically and vocally, however, what a trooper for turning up at 85 considering the drive, stress and effort. A pro!

If this were my show I’d put Jimmy on second as his energy filled the room.

The Live band for Des were a classy addition.

What was lovely during Des’ set was that his wife, Jodie Wilson sat in the audience, sang ‘I will always love you’ which the crowds loved. What a magnificent voice and talent. Des’ ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ was very moving.

If you get the chance to see Des & Jimmy Live – cancel everything else and DO IT!

They’re Stars that will never be replaced. What an honour to see them live!

Giving this show ‘stars of out of 5’ would be an insult. You’ll love seeing two masters of live performance and show business at a theatre near you through 2017.

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Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 30th July 2017.