5* Review Donny & Marie Osmond Show

Review Donny & Marie Osmond Show Flamingo Vegas…..

‘The Donny & Marie Show’ is the most polished, high energy, intoxicating & perfect 90 minutes of Headliner theatre in Las Vegas.

D&M offer their greatest hits, new medley’s with 2019 arrangements, seamless & adorable banter & bucket loads of heart and nostalgia.

This show is beautifully staged & produced in their sold out Flamingo Showroom at 7.30pm. After 11 years the show will end in September 2019.

You’re simply in the presence of two born stars with effortless talent. The love, respect & warmth in the room is palpable.


The Donny & Marie Show is a love letter to the careers of two of the most charismatic, charming, respected & remarkable personalities in entertainment history.

Within seconds of them running on stage it is obvious why this pair have had unprecedented, successful & evergreen careers.

The brother and sister duo captured the public’s hearts in 1976 when they launched the weekly TV variety show “The Donny & Marie Show”. They were just 18 and 16 years old respectively at the time.

Enjoy an EXCLUSIVE new HDTV interview with Marie via YouTube:

Since then they’ve worked around the world Live & on TV and continue to be timeless personalities.

The sound at D&M is crystal clear, the lighting is brilliant and the band are first class.

Donny’s teasing of Marie & the audience is delicious and their collective shtick is inspired.

The Donny & Marie Show – A 5* masterclass. Get Tickets HERE!

Review Donny and Marie Flamingo Las Vegas
Donny & Marie Osmond Review
Review Donny & Marie Show Flamingo Las Vegas

Enjoy an exclusive interview with Donny via YouTube HERE:

The Donny & Marie show at the Flamingo Las Vegas is a 90 minute trip down memory lane, a celebration of two remarkable voices and an opportunity to watch a master-class in Live entertainment.

D&M’s rapport is inspiring, their act is polished and the show is epitome of two legends Live in concert. This show was born to be in Las Vegas. Long may it continue.

Here’s Alex & Marie in 2018:

Most importantly, Donny & Marie’s voices collectively and individually are as stunning as ever. Their 50 year careers is unsurprising. They were born to entertain. Inspiring.

Their energy is remarkable and after an 8 year run they appear to love it as much as they did during the initial 6 week run in 2008. That’s old school professionalism that is very rare these days.

As well as duets, the show has separate segments for both Stars to tell the story of their careers and celebrate their unique talents.

The section with Donny explaining how Andy Williams defined his career was truly touching.

Here’s Alex & Donny:

Their chemistry is naturally effortless. The audience just love them from the second the curtain rises.

The warmth in the room is extraordinary and only possible due to their longevity.

D&M deserve EVERY second of their standing ovation.

Marie shines especially during her Nesun Dorma & musical theatre segments.

Their energy collectively is wonderful, effortless and their act is timeless.

You cannot help but feel you are part of history enjoying two of the most loved artistes of their generation.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 16th May 2019.

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