Review DREAMGIRLS Musical West End

Review DREAMGIRLS Musical West End Savoy Theatre….

And I am telling you, DREAMGIRLS has opened at the Savoy Theatre in London Nov 21st and we were there!

It’s a scream – literally!

We said the cast couldn’t sustain 8 shows a week at this ‘level’.

So, after 2 cancelled performances due to ‘illness’ – here’s what we thought of DREAMGIRLS with our EXCLUSIVE review via YouTube:

This the biggest show to hit the West End in years and the hype, excitement and ticket sales are remarkable.

Tonight’s sold out show was obviously not aimed at me, and indeed the 1000+ women who surrounding me got exactly what they wanted, and seemingly loved every second!

There’s camp costumes, 3 killer hits and a lot of drama, shouting & endless vocal gymnastics.

dreamgirls-musical review

Despite some killer 5* moments, DREAMGIRLS is theatrically clumsy. The non existent set is only saved by some camp sparkles and clever lighting.

The quick change costumes & dizzying on-stage lights relentlessly mincing on, off, in, out and around the stage are a health and safety nightmare!

Here’s the London Cast @ The Savoy Theatre:

Sonja Friedman ProductionsDREAMGIRLS_R016138
Sonja Friedman ProductionsDREAMGIRLS_R016919

The ‘shouty’ scenes (especially in the second half) leave you wondering how they can possibly churn this show out 8 times a week…without serious injury.

At times the sung ranting and raving was exhausting, painful and overwhelming – which is a travesty considering several sensational performances from Amber Riley as Effie.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a car crash but you have to be careful ‘high emotion’ doesn’t go off the rails into a pitchy, competitive X-Factor sing-off. Sadly at times it did.


The first half of the first act is cluttered, rushed and confusing. Just when you were getting into it…..NEXT!

The killer hit ‘And I’m telling you….’ closes Act 1 and without question is the 11 o’clock number that you wish was the finale. It steals the entire show – and rightly so!

Amber nailed it with a sensational vocal, power, pitch-perfect tone topped by electrifying raw emotion. This girl is not only delicious vocally but utterly charming & endearing to watch throughout.

Much of the choreography is exhilarating and flawless @ DREAMGIRLS. Beautiful emsemble numbers where the entire cast gave 110%.


The costumes were a little panto & cabaret – but I guess that’s the idea?

Nods to Adam J Bernard who was fantastic in the first half and Tyrone Huntley who offered genuine tenderness with vocal perfection.

Overall the ensemble were collectively magnificent and the audience were on their feet several times during the production – mostly due to Amber and the energy driven by the cast.

Sonja Friedman ProductionsDREAMGIRLS_R015056

With a feel of HAIRSPRAY’s heart mixed with MEMPHIS & MOTOWN’s soul – this show is brash, loud, shouty but also meaningful and moving with 5* moments.

A story of hope centred around love, acceptance, fat shaming, race, drive, brutal business belligerence and selfishness couldn’t be more timely post Brexit & Trump.

4* for Dreamgirls The Musical at the Savoy Theatre.

Review 21st November 2016 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.

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