Review Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

Review Everybody’s Talking About Jamie..

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is a joyous musical packed with talent, heart, pathos & camp old nonsense.

It is now playing at the Apollo Theatre along with the most of the original cast from Sheffield where it premiered in the summer.

This 2017 northern fairy tale is based on the true story of a 16 year-old boy who has to fight against all odds to be the true ‘him’.

With show stopping numbers, breath taking pathos & stunning choreography, this is the new hottest ticket in town!

JAMIE is booking until April 2018, but, with some 5* killer performances – this show will be around the West End for a lot longer than that!



Enjoy our exclusive HD video review including the standing ovation via YouTube:

With beautifully paced new songs by Dan Gillespie Sells and writer Tom MacRae – this show will make you laugh, cry and ‘feel’ – a glorious combination of immersive theatre.

Sexuality and what that is defined as has never been more widely discussed. This shows timing is perfect.

‘JAMIE’ has the wit, heart & pathos of Blood Brothers, the campery of Priscilla, the passion of Billy Elliot & the authenticity of Taboo.

This show celebrates remarkable diversity in 2017!

Jamie New is the teen from Sheffield with a mum who might just love him too much.

This guy charisma, character, talent & a unique secret….not great for fitting in at school.

He walks away from hate and goes into show business to create a fearless, funny, fabulous drag queen character Meme Me.

This show has huge energy from a mostly young & enthusiastic cast. Their precision & heart is inspiring.

Most importantly this show has two Stars who offer a killer performance…

The Star of the show is John McCrea who is utterly captivating and obviously drives the entire show as Jamie.

At times his voice is magnificent and one is left wondering how anyone can keep that level of campery up 8 shows a week.

Most importantly he has sincerity and is 100% believable.

The unexpected surprise is Josie Walker who without question has the 11 O’clock number ‘My Boy’ which is nothing short of sensational. Think ‘Tell me it’s not true’ mixed with ‘And I am telling you’ & ‘Rose’s Turn’.

Breathtaking and a magical 5+ minutes of theatre.

This son & mother combination is divine casting. Both of the above are worth the ticket price alone!

This show celebrates remarkable diversity in 2017. Nods to Lucy Shorthouse who is vocally stunning as Pritti. Mina Anwar has delicious comic timing as Ray.

The entire cast work their socks off.

The ensemble dancers have a stunning energy and bring this show to life.

The comic timing of the entire cast is impeccable. Some of the script is schticky but it still gets big laughs. Northern humour at its best.

The lighting, scenery and costumes are mostly good although less impressive than the cast. I know several drag queens who would deem the costumes sub-standard.

Don’t sit too close. The front two rows have been taken out so I recommend book from row F and backwards…this is the highest stage I’ve ever seen!

A gorgeous night out of laughs, tears, top songs & some sensational performance.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 8th November 2017.