Review On Your Feet Broadway

Review On Your Feet Broadway…

ON YOUR FEET! at the Marquis Theatre Broadway is our favourite show of 2017!

It’s the inspiring true story about heart, heritage and two people who believed in their talent and each other to become an international sensation: Gloria and Emilio Estefan.

From the second this show begins you’re immediately captivated by the vivacious cast, stunning Live band and two Broadway stars who drive the entire show.

Not since West Side Story, at the Palace, has here been so much Latin soul, passion & heart on Broadway.

This is a musical for the people. It’s not trying to be clever, pretencious or arty. It’s takes the jukebox musical to the next level in much the same way Jersey Boys did with Frankie Valli.

Gloria Estefan’s hits are utterly compelling and uplifting. Her story is equally as fascinating. This truly is the feel-good show this Summer.

Directed by Jerry Mitchell with choreography by Sergio Trujillo, ON YOUR FEET! features hits including “Rhythm is Gonna Get You,” “Conga,” “Get On Your Feet,” “Don’t Want To Lose You Now,” “1-2-3” and “Coming Out of the Dark.”

I’d love to see this again. It has certainly been the perfect end to my Broadway tour 2017.


Enjoy an EXCLUSIVE audio / video review via YouTube:

This show is driven by 3 elements. The ‘Stars’, dancers and band…

Ektor Rivera is absolutely charming and not only gave eye candy for the girls but delivered a faultless performance as Emilio. This guy has ‘got it’. His voice is terrific but he has natural stage presence and great moves too.

Playing Gloria tonight was Linedy Genao who was born to play role not just vocally but physically. She’s hot in every sense of the world. The audience loved her!

Together Ektor & Linedy created an infectious & utterly believable performance.


Nods also to Doreen Montalvo as well as the kids Kevin Tellez & Amaris Sanchez who collectively added the narrative & heart of the show.

On Your Feet is joyful and a rare new musical that creates a unique atmosphere that feels timeless.

The band are incredible, the set is simple but clever & the talent is remarkable.

The script is tight, packed with great LOL gags for all the family and the show flies along, never getting tired. The key to a great show for sure!

The dancers are sensational leading to the best finale since Mamma Mia. You’ll be On Your Feet guaranteed!

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 13th June 2017.