Review Frankie Moreno Golden Nugget

Review Frankie Moreno Golden Nugget 2017….

Let’s be clear –  Frankie Moreno is a world class talent. He’s effortless, incredible & inspiring.

His new show at Golden Nugget Las Vegas proves that he is the epitome of a Las Vegas showman, headliner and star. It showcases his every talent.

He’s got the writing skills of Elton, the piano skills of Joel & the stage presence, charm and charisma of Elvis at his peak – collectively that good!

Frankie Moreno is what Vegas should still be. A person with breath-taking skill surrounded by other passionate, talented, dedicated musicians who make him look even better.

For the first 30 minutes Moreno only plays his own material. Risky. Yet, it feels so comfortable, familiar & perfect that from minute one you’re engrossed by the show.

Frankie is a remarkable pianist and musician – he’s sickeningly brilliant actually. You cannot fail to be impressed by his energy, skill and pure musicality. It’s bewildering why he is not a mega-star playing the Colloseum.

For these reasons Frankie Moreno is our SHOWMAN OF THE YEAR & BEST NEW SHOW 2017.

A 5*master-class in showmanship, talent and joyous live entertainment.

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Frankie has not only class, theatrical genius but swagger. He embodies a feel of better times when we had ‘stars’ not ‘celebrities’.

He understands the power of the crowd control and simply will not allow them not to participate. He does his show with the audience, not at them.

There’s no surprise in any of this – he’s a pro, he’s been doing this all of his entire life. He’s written for global stars whilst constantly touring the US as a headliner himself mastering his craft.


Rarely do you watch someone who was born to do this type of show. To compare his talent you get into the ‘legend’ and ‘icon’ categories like Celine, Rod, Whitney, Michael & frankly – Frankie could hold his own next to any of the above.

Kudos to the entire band who support Frankie magnificently. Such collective passion & genuine joy is rarely seen on stage these days.

This is old school ethics made cool and 100% relevant for 2017 audiences.

There’s a lot of ‘banter’ with the audience which may not be to everyone’s taste. Moreno wants party, so if you’re not up for it, I suggest you stay away.

A lifetimes dedication and discipline has resulted in a world class performance by Frankie Moreno at Golden Nugget Las Vegas Thursday’s & Saturday’s at 8pm.

A star is re-born!

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 26th May 2017.