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Celebrity Radio Review G4 2016 Tour….

G4 are back on tour & ‘Back For Good’ in September 2016 with another 5* triumph in stage presence & flawless performance.

Starring Ben, Mike, Jonathan & Nick – they collectively form one of the most beautiful sounds in British music history.

Their voices blend to perfection with an alchemy only to be admired. Their personal and vocal synergy is effortless. This results in a captivating evening of theatre.

Don’t think for a second they’re a classical harmony group for the ‘toffee nosed’ – nope! The boys bring fun, charm, warmth, wit and connection rarely seen by performers of this ilk.

With nods to Ed Sheerin, Les Mis, Take That, Sam Smith, Pharrell to Puccini – this show is a masterclass in structure, pacing & production! Never a dull moment.

I don’t believe there is a single group in X-Factor or BGT history that have come close to matching G4’s vocal magnificence and chemistry. That’s why G4 are around 12 years after stealing the show.

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Enjoy a NEW and Exclusive interview with G4 @ The Winding Wheel via YouTube:

G4 Star tenors Jonathan Ansell & Ben Thapa as well as baritone Mike Christie & Nick Ashby on bass.

G4 were joined by the gorgeous & faultless soprano Margaret Keys, inspiring Rock Choir & Vox Fortura – the seamless 4 piece vocal group from this years BGT currently enjoying classical chart success.

G4 Interview 2016 Vox Fortura G4 Tour 2016 Review G4 Interview Alex Belfield

What is most magnificent about G4 is their ability to make their brand of harmony relevant, fun and mind-blowingly impressive in 2016.

Content is king and G4 have mastered mixing the very old and loved with the very new and popular. Genius.

G4 2015 Alex Belfield Reunion Tour Review

Kudos to their talent, discipline, dedication and success. 5*

Interview recorded 11th September 2016 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.