G4 2017 Tour & Album Interview

G4 2017 Tour & Album Interview…

Let me be clear – G4 offered a 5* example of flawless vocal magnificence tonight!

Candlelight has become a much loved tradition. It wouldn’t be Christmas without G4….

The vocal synergy, talent and prowess of these 4 gifted (incredibly kind, genuine, generous & humble) fellas is never more powerful than at this time of year.

G4 release their new ‘Love Songs’ CD in Feb 2017. I’ve heard it – it’s sensational!

Book early for G4 Live in March, September & ‘Christmas by Candlelight’ 2017…


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Enjoy G4 & Alex in a NEW & Exclusive Christmas interview talking about their plans for 2017:

The Candlelight show is truly magical and the epitome of a perfect Christmas concert.

G4 have never sounded more tremendous with no whizzes and bangs, just pure Live talent!

Their collective vocals tonight were stunning throughout.

Derby Cathedral (quite rightly) was sold out and packed tonight. Inspiring. Glorious

The boys re-formed in Nov 2014 after a 7 years apart adding th.e brilliant Nick Ashby added on bass.

Since then they’ve performed 4 sell-out tours across the UK. G4 Stars original members Ben Thapa, Mike Christie & Jonathan Ansell.

G4 are a class act offering pitch-perfect, effortless and moving killer vocals and a compelling Live confidence perfectly pitched at their clearly dedicated, loyal & adoring fans.

Nods also go to Perfect Pitch tonight who were glorious & the adorable Alex Marriott who stole the show with ‘The Snowman’ aged 9.

Alex Belfield G4 Interview

Tonight was a 5* masterclass in delivery, tone and performance. Songs like ‘Away in a manger’ were just beautiful.

I have NEVER seen a Cathedral more packed! This was the perfect venue for their hugely gifted and undeniably angelic voices.

There tone, unity and vocal connection has never been more impressive, compelling or immersive.

G4 are not fakers – Jonathan, Mike, Ben & Nick currently harmonise like no-one else in British music.

Here’s a flavour of the Live show with ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ from 2015….

‘Oh Holy Night’ might not only be one of the most beautiful songs ever written, but G4’s performance at the Derby Cathedral this evening may well be their most beautiful, moving and perfect 4 minutes on stage ever!

This concert had the perfect mix of the very traditional carols to the glorious opening of ‘All I want for Christmas is you’.

Moments in the second half including ‘Bring Him Home’ &  electrifying.

With remarkable lead tenor vocals by Jonathan Ansell, showcased superbly during ‘Panis Angelicus’, Jon equally blended perfectly during their impeccable harmonies.

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All of the boys shone tonight – these boys are blessed & make it look effortless.

With the powerful and electrifying church organ used in tracks like ‘Oh Come All Ye Faithful’, this will no doubt be the soundtrack of Christmas morning for 1000’s.

With spiritual tones throughout, ‘Amazing Grace’ couldn’t be more appropriate this Christmas after a politically depressing and tough year of loss & tough economy.

G4 do not need a philharmonic orchestra, like with ‘Once In Royal’ their vocals are utterly captivating a cappella.

‘G4 Candlelight Christmas’ is a 5* Live delight for anyone seeking none-stop Christmas indulgence, showmanship, stage presence and vocal brilliance.

Interview & review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 7th December 2016.