Review G4 Reunion Tour Exclusive Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Review G4 Reunion Tour Exclusive Interview….

I first saw G4 Live 10 years ago and recorded their first network interview in 2005.

What I loved about the boys then was that they have absolutely no pretention, look utterly at home with their music, material and show & have brought popular classical music to the masses. They haven’t changed.

With killer lead tenor vocals by Jonathan Ansell, sounding better than ever, G4 are not fakers – these boys can sing! They harmonise perfectly and offer a master-class in stage craft during their 5* vocal performance.

With a new single, Autumn & Christmas tour plus Xmas CD – they’re definitely back in business a decade after X-Factor!


G4 Review Reunion Tour 2015 Review G4 The Reunion Tour 2015 Jonathan Ansell Interview Review Review Reunion G4 2015 Jonathan Ansell Interview Christmas Album

The band still consists of original members Ben, Mike, Jonathan and new member Nick, They blend so beautiful, it’s a joy to hear them perform.

The section with HAPPY, Uptown Funk & Let It Go proves how brilliantly diverse and clever their concert, harmonies and talent is. They bring what could be a potentially old fashioned clichéd show bang up to date for 2015.

The show also features the stunning Charlotte Jaconelli. She’s a mega star of her genre. A voice only to be admired. Pure talent perfectly showcased in this production.

Enjoy an Exclusive hysterical interview with the boys and G4….

The evening had a 30 minute coral ‘pre-show’ with 250 singers welcoming guests to the show from ‘The Rock Choir’. This was quickly followed by a tremendous a cappella opening by G4 of Boheimium Rhapsody & Somebody To Love. The audience naturally loved it.

This was followed by a beautifully eclectic musical selection including Volare, Justin Timberlake, O Sole Mia, You Raised Me Up, Torre Adore, HAPPY, My Way, R.E.M & even Britney Spears. Who knew?

The thing about voices like G4 is that they’re only going to get better and better. They’re classically trained performers who were born to sing and can do it effortlessly.

Here’s Alex with the boys:

G4 2015 Alex Belfield Reunion Tour Review

The boys open the second half with an audience walk through to The Circle of Life.

To see the love of their audience is inspiring and much deserved considering the warmth they offer on stage and off.

If you want to see 4 guys who have huge polish, a brilliantly chosen and familiar set list and killer vocals – don’t miss G4 Reunion Tour 2015. Bravo boys.

The boys can be very mean. Here’s G4’s parody of Belfield from 2006:

Review and interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 16th September 2015.