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Review Ghost The Musical Tour….

Not every show gets off to a great start, sadly for Ghost The Musical, the 2016 / 2017 tour has been hit with less than flattering headlines.

However, having seen the show tonight at the almost sold out Winter Garden’s in Blackpool, this show is top class and deserved its standing ovation.

This 4* production is hugely moving, beautifully staged, lit, choreographed and produced & brings this much loved movie back to life perfectly in 2016.

At times the lighting, effects and scenery are breathtaking and the score is incredibly powerful throughout. The ‘Unchained Melody’ moment is glorious.

Ignore the headlines, vitriol and nonsense – go and judge for yourself….


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Sarah Harding absolutes deserves to play the roll of Molly!

The mockery she has endured of late is utterly vindictive and unnecessary. I wonder if any of these people have actually seen her in the show?

Harding’s performance was cute, powerful, authentic and at times her vocals were simply magical, especially during ‘With You’.

At her best she was stunning during tonight’s performance.

Meanwhile Andy Moss is a true Star born to own this massive and complicated role of Sam. With the voice, stage presence, effortless charm and class – he’s a 5* act.

He steals the hearts of the audience and wows with his faultless and moving vocals.

Kudos also to Jacqui Dubois who offers impeccable comic timing and a killer vocal as Oda Mae Brown. In some ways she’s the heart and certainly soul of the show.

Sam Ferriday is perfectly cast as the handsome but creepy (and vocally brilliant / faultless) Carl.

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Ghost the Musical has a book by Bruce Joel Rubin and music and lyrics by Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard.

Based on the hit 1990 romantic drama film of the same name, the musical had its world premiere at the Manchester Opera House in March 2011.

Ghost then began its West End premiere in summer 2011.

A Broadway transfer opened in April 2012 and it’s back and touring the UK through 2017.

It is scaled down from London and doesn’t have the ‘video screens’ which made it the talk of the town after opening in London, however, nothing is lost in the emotion, drama and overall power of the new staging.

The plot centres on lovers Sam and Molly, who are attacked as they are returning to their apartment. When Sam dies he becomes caught between the real world and the next.

Molly is in danger and Sam cannot leave her. A medium, Oda Mae Brown, helps Sam to get in touch with Molly to warn her. This is a heart breaking love story.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 15th October 2016.