Review Groundhog Day Broadway

Review Groundhog Day Broadway…

Groundhog Day has quite simply re-imagined & re-defined musicals in 2017.

Can you imagine performing the same words, with the the same songs, with the same movements in the same order 8 times a week? Well at ‘Groundhog Day’ they do that at least 8 times a show!

This is clever. The take away is beautiful and the spectacle is at times overwhelming.

It goes at 100mph for the first hour not even allowing time for applause. You sit in awe at the pure genius of Andy Karl who is remarkable on every level.

This show has heart, several 11 o’clock number, magnificent talent and more mis-direction than David Copperfield in the 80’s. Quite extra-ordinary.

This is simply the funniest, most original, most beautifully produced, high energy new musical that I’ve seen in over a decade!

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Tim Minchin and director Matthew Warchus wanted to bring this epic 1993 film to the stage and they’ve done it magnificently. What a master-class in staging that could have easily become exhausting, repetitive and annoying.

The cast of Groundhog Day on Broadway features the magnificent Andy Karl  who defines the ‘triple threat’. Whatever X-factor is, he’s got it!

He plays the floored Phil Connors – a narcisistic, arrogant & pompous local weatherman. Who knew? Life teaches him an almighty lesson.

His  perfect co-Star is played by Barrett Doss, as Rita Hanson, who brings true soul, joy and heart to this production. She’s just delightful and can sing like a bird.

This is casting with class.


Following Minchin’s Broadway success with Matilda, he needed another timeless score, and yes, he’s done it again!

At times this show reminiscent both visually and musically of ‘mega-hit’ musicals – he’s found a sound that just works. Why not?

The phrasing, musicality & comic timing of this musical is up there with the best in history. But, you have to pay attention – this ain’t Mamma Mia!

This relatively ‘modest’ production has the best use of lighting, space, props, staging, set & cast ‘dispersal’ that I’ve seen since The Lion King almost 20 years ago. The timing is remarkable!

Groundhog Day proves that sensational casting, pacing, lighting, stage production can still create a triumphant, joyful, hysterical but purposeful 2.5 hours of Live theatre.

This is a story of narcissism, self-importance, arrogance and manipulation that is only overcome by sincerity and heart. Oprah could have been the consultant.

What this show makes you question is ‘if I could do or say that again…’. A timeless and infinitely entertaining concept.

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Minchin’s gags are glorious. Well timed, frequent, well written and accessible. Andy delivers them as well as any stand-up comedian at the top of their game.

This isn’t trying to be Shakespeare, it’s a wordy play set to music with near perfect sound, delivery & alliteration from the entire cast.

Kudos to Rebecca Faulkenberry who opens act 2 like a dream. What a voice.

Unlike many shows, I’d happily return to the August Wilson theatre tomorrow to see Groundhog Day again and again and again!

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 8th June 2017.