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Review Groundhog Day Musical Tim Minchin New Musical…..

Well, to perform the same words, with the the same songs, with the same movements in the same order 8 times a week could be described as ‘Groundhog Day’….or a West End Musical.

Tim Minchin and director Matthew Warchus wanted to bring this phenomenom & 1993 film to the stage and they’ve done it magnificently.

This is simply the funniest, most original, most beautifully staged new musical that I’ve seen in many years.

A 5* theatrical delight!

Groundhog Day runs until Sept 17th at The Old Vic London.

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Review Groundhog Day Musical Tim Minchin (7)
Review Groundhog Day Musical Tim Minchin (5)

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Following Minchin’s Broadway success with Matilda, he needed another timeless score, and yes, he’s done it again!

The phrasing, musicality & comic timing of this musical is up there with the best in history.

This ‘modest’ production has the best use of lighting, space, props, staging, set & cast ‘dispersal’ that I’ve seen since The Lion King almost 20 years ago.

Groundhog Day is a 2016 masterclass in casting, pacing, lighting, stage production and how to create a triumphant, joyful, hysterical but purposeful 2.5 hours of Live theatre.

The Old Vic Review Groundhog Day
Review Groundhog Day The old vic
The Old Vic London

The cast bring this show to life beautifully. It’s very rare casting is perfect, but, it seems to me they’ve achieved that with Groundhog Day.

Andy Karl plays Phil Connors and holds the entire show together effortlessly. He looks like he was born to play this role and unquestionably steals the show.

Carlyss Peer (Rita Hanson) is a perfect love interest in the show.

This is a story of narcissism, self-importance, arrogance and manipulation – yes it’s the world of being a journalist…or reality TV Star…or indeed an egotistical, self-important weatherman in Local TV.

Review Groundhog Day Musical Tim Minchin
Review tim Minchin Groundhog Day
Review Groundhog Day Musical Tim Minchin

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Minchin’s gags are glorious. Well timed, frequent, well written and accessible.

This isn’t trying to be Shakespeare, it’s wordy play set to music with near perfect sound alliteration from the cast and crew.

This story has mass appeal on the premise that if we can re-live today tomorrow, what would you do differently! Would you make the same ‘mistakes’ twice…and how could you use that to your advantage?

Unlike many shows, I’d happily return to the Old Vic to see Groundhog Day.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 24th August 2016.

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