4* Review Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant

Review Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant Caesars Las Vegas…

Well, it was inevitable really. First a steak restaurant & pub, then burger joints, next came fish and chips & now HELL’S KITCHEN by Gordon Ramsay in 2018.

The king of cooking’s newest Vegas restaurant has the edge over the rest – it has windows and a view….so simply, but, so rare in Sin City.

The food is excellent as you would expect. You’re paying a premium get an exclusive opportunity to brag shamelessly on social media that you’ve eaten in the newest and most exciting of Ramsay’s food factories.

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Gordon Ramsay is a Michelin starred chef serving mostly ordinary food in Sin City by popular demand. His punters can’t (and won’t) pay $300 for a 10 course sit down soiree. They demand wholesome grub done better than they can get at home. Give them what they want…Gordon Never fails!

He’s smart. GR is the PR master. He’s now the biggest star of cuisine on the planet – by a mile! HK is a masterclass in 2018 branding. So….

  • Does HK offer an exceptional environment, leagues above the rest with sensational food? No.
  • Are they queuing out the door to get in? Naturally, in their 1000’s!
  • Does GR shine in HK? No, he’s not trying to. He serves burgers not foie gras.
  • Is HK worth a visit? Absolutely. It’s fun, exciting and (for now) the #1 destination eatery in Vegas.

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It’s a sunny Thursday in May 2018 and the hype for Hell’s Kitchen is exceptional. The buzz is frantic to try out British Chef Ramsay’s newest eatery.

Located opposite Flamingo Casino next to Absinthe in front of Caesars Palace, you can now try the latest offering themed around Gordon’s hit FOX TV show.

The room is gorgeous, cool, modern, bright and the spacious open plan dining room is classy.


The bar spans the entire length of the main room, we chose to sit in the more elegant and ‘exclusive’ back room overlooking Las Vegas Boulevard.

The service is incredibly warm and friendly. Barbara, our server, went above and beyond to make our experience as charming as possible.

Next came the menu. There’s no foie gras here…

We went for Brunch at 11am and naturally they were queuing out of the door and mostly being turned away.

You have the choice of everything from eggs, pancakes to seared scallops for lunch.

Let me be clear, everything is served to an excellent standard….but that is the case with almost every restaurant at Caesars Palace.


The menu is beautifully presented and refreshingly, not outrageously priced either.

Burgers from around $20, salads from $15 and entrees from $30, this is average for the Strip.

I loved the seared scallops for just under $20….

Show business is a funny beast. When you’re hot, you’re hot and Ramsay is positively boiling right now with no sign of going off the boil either!

With almost 10 restaurants in Sin City he has more eateries than any other headlining chef.

In terms of TV & dining success – Ramsay is incomparable.

People want to take home memories. In Vegas you can buy them on every corner….

Hell’s Kitchen offers the opportunity to visit a ‘sold out’ restaurant in an exciting environment with very lovely food priced at a premium, in a restaurant that looks like the one you’ve seen on TV.

I guess you can’t lose. Well done Gordon. A genius.

Open from 11am daily until 10pm weekdays and 11pm at weekends.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 17th May 2018.