Review Impossible Magic Show Noel Coward West End 2015

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Review Impossible Magic Show Noel Coward West End….

IMPOSSIBLE is the biggest magic show to thrill audiences in London’s West End in years. It is playing throughout the summer at the Noël Coward Theatre.

This show features some of the UK’s best magicians, combining dazzling grand stage illusions, up-close-and-personal magic, cutting-edge technological tricks and death-defying escapology in a fast-paced, breath-taking spectacular for every generation.

This show was packed last night and the reaction from the audience, especially children was remarkable. In places this show is mesmerising and breath-taking.

GET TICKETS AND INFO HERE! 24th July – 29th August 2015.

Impossible Impossible Review West End London Magic Show West End

Here’s an Exclusive interview with Impossible Star Jamie Allen:

The show Stars world-renowned grand illusionist Luis de Matos: spell-binding digital marvel Jamie Allan; modern-day Houdini, daredevil and TV escapologist Jonathan Goodwin; mind-blowing mind-reader Chris Cox; mesmerising hypnotist Damien O’ Brien & boundary breaking magician Ben Hart.

The biggest Star of this brand new production was Jamie Allan who really makes magic relevant & exciting again in 2015.

His levitation is perfect timed, fast and precise. The laser act is taking magic to modern audiences and his Ipad bit is inspired and brilliant and totally original.

The only problem with this show and magic generally is that unfortunately it’s all/mostly been done before. The art I guess is re-inventing the wheel by making ‘classic’ illusions  sexy, cool, fast paced, packed with energy & relevant for 2015 audiences.

Some of this show is delivered perfectly. Sadly, other parts were somewhat ponderous, predictable and amateurish. Audiences today don’t have patience and want everything instantly without magical waffle – sometimes with magic, that is just….well, IMPOSSIBLE.

The show is directed by Anthony Owen, the multi-award winning producer and magic consultant behind Channel 4’s Derren Brown. He brings eight world-leading performers together live on-stage for the very first time.

The scale of the show is impressive! Cars & helicopters appear from nowhere and naturally endless ladies get sawn in half, poked with burning steaks and shot at with crossbows…although that fell a little flat.

These spectacular production pieces are the strongest parts of the show by far.

Impossible Magic Review Noel Coward West End Impossible Review West End London musical lord of the rings west end

Overall this show is definitely worth seeing, however, it is not as revolutionary as the PR would make you believe. It’s a very well produced, safe magic show perfect for summer visitors to the Capital.

If you’ve not seen a professional magic show before – IMPOSSIBLE will blow your mind!

The sound is also well produced and impressive. The lighting is brilliant, the staging is swift and the show does have heart.

I’m thrilled magic is back in the West End – for that we give impossible 4*…..but let’s not get carried away – in Vegas, the home of illusionists, it would find it impossible to compete.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 7th August 2015.