5* REVIEW Jet 2 Airlines

5* REVIEW Jet 2 Airlines…

Let me be clear, this is not a 5* airline, but, FOR THE PRICE, Jet 2 offer 5* service and reliability.

In fact, on my flight in September 2018 – we arrived 10 minutes early.

There’s no frills, thrills or luxuries – but, they get you there quickly, efficiently and with a smile.

Follow the rules and you can’t lose! BOOK HERE.

The first thing about ‘low costs’ / ‘no thrills’ airlines is FOLLOW THE RULES!

They will not help you if you break them.

Read everything carefully, check-in online and fill in passport info etc to save time.

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Once you’ve filled in the guff online get to the airport at least 61 minutes before the flight. You don’t need 3 hours.

The gate closes 30 minutes before take-off so that’s your absolute latest time to arrive before they can off-load you.

Most importantly – PRINT OFF YOUR BOARDING CARD. If not they’ll charge you more than your flight (in most cases) to do it for you!

Next, your seat…

It is beyond my comprehension why everyone doesn’t pay £10 to book 1A, B or C.

These seats are the equivalent to Business Class for this type of airline.

It will totally change your experience with 3x the legroom.

Also, you get off first of course!

There’s food on-board. Often they discount the sandwiches after the first service.

I would suggest buying food at the airport but it’s up to you.

The staff were remarkably friendly and efficient. What more can you ask for such a cheap flight.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 24th September 2018.

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