REVIEW Jim Tavare Deadpan to Bedpan

REVIEW Jim Tavare Deadpan to Bedpan…

In 2017 comedian Jim Tavaré (BAFTA Award-winner and star of Harry Potter), best known for his double bass, was involved in a near fatal head-on car crash in Los Angeles.

Only a comedian of Jim’s stature could turn this potential tragedy into a captivating 60 minutes of stand up comedy. You wouldn’t think he’d have much to laugh about….but, you’d be VERY wrong!

Jim’s story is unbelievable….but 100% real – which is why it’s so compelling.

Illustrated beautifully by personal pictures that frankly blow your mind, it’s hard to believe that Jim is able to talk – let alone stand and deliver this beautifully worded first person biography.

Enjoy our HD audio / video review via YouTube:

Returning to the Fringe for the first time in 20 years, for a ‘free show’, he tells the story of how quickly a trip to the shops with your dog can change your life forever.

One comedian, one dog and a DIY disaster. I blame the chickens!

Jim is naturally hysterical although will happily move straight on from any gags that don’t live up to his expectation. This confidence is not only impressive but hugely seductive.

To take one of the most unbelievably horrific car crashes with ludicrous medical consequences (wait until you see the invoice from the US hospital) and turn it into a ‘show’ is audacious.

His story will leave you speechless. This man is a hero!

The only thing more breath-taking than his medicals bills is the reaction of his dog Mr. Kippy at the end! We all need a best mate in our lives. A beautiful end to a hugely powerful and meaningful show.

Jim has been told he’ll never play his double bass again. Mind you, he was also told he would never walk, breathe, eat, talk or live… I look forward to seeing his act back in full swing in 2019!

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 10th August 2018.