Review Joe Pasquale One Man And His Bog Tour 2016

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Review Joe Pasquale One Man And His Bog Tour 2016….

Joe Pasquale is one of Celebrity Radio’s & Britain’s most loved, popular and talented variety entertainers….EVER!

Last night in Skegness JP captivated his packed audience with his unique, rapid fire, high energy, beautifully crafted “load of old cack”!

Many know Joe as the ‘King Of The Jungle’, Star of Spamalot, The Producers & host of The Price Is Right for ITV – we know him as a comedy icon and stand-up institution.

Pasquale is back on tour with his gag-fest ‘One Man And His Bog’.

From the second his ‘arrives’ on the stage you can’t help by being captivated by his warmth, charm, energy and pure comic timing & charisma.

30 years of experience results in a hysterical master-class in delivery, timing & audience manipulation and participation.

His punters don’t like him – they love him. This was proved by the 100+ fans waiting at stage door after the show. A testament to his popularity.

Joe is a craftsman of variety. King of one-liners, he also adds in tender and even moving moments via art & magic.

With mind-blowing card tricks & “how does he think of that” props – Joe is a one off, a comedy legend and the epitome of a relevant 2016 variety / family entertainer.

Pasquale treats his show as a science. He masterfully marries cheekiness and fun without ever crossing the line into vulgar or crude. This ain’t Harold Pinter though – it’s just LOL fun. God do we need that!

It a perfect 5* night out for all the family. Don’t miss Joe & his ‘Mobility Loo’ Live this summer across the UK.

Joe also appears in Pantomime in Dartford with 7 diminutive co-stars from Dec 10th.


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Watch Joe and his son Joe Jnr in conversation with his life story interview:

Joe Pasquale has performed sell-out live shows since 1996 including ‘Live & Squeaky’.

He has performed six times on The Royal Variety Performance, most recently in 2005.

We visited his sell out show at the Embassy Centre Skegness on a rare sunny, packed and feelgood Wednesday.

Selling more than 500+ seats in 2016 is not to be sniffed at, just look at what others are selling in this same theatre. The reason for Joe’s success is simple – they know what they’re going to get and they love him for it!

What Joe does so successfully is make ‘old style variety’ look contemporary, modern and palatable for 8 year olds to 80 year olds.

His theatrical brother, Raynard, offers is undoubtedly a audience hit and adds great silliness to an already chaotic act. Under the façade of chaos is great precision and talent!

If you’ve not seen Joe Pasquale Live you’ve missed a treat. I guarantee you’ll have a blast!

It’s a bit naughty, hugely clever and proves through Joe’s passion for art, science, magic, props & audience participation – JP is still one of the most brilliant, popular & entertaining acts in British history.

With dates through until September 4th 2016 – his audience are in for a treat.

This is a 5* variety show. GET TICKETS HERE!

Review in Skegness 17th August 2016.

Interview recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 30th June 2015.

Video Edited Produced by James Newton 2015.