Review JOSEPH UK Tour 2017

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Review JOSEPH UK Tour 2017 Starring Joe McElderry…

Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is back on the road for 2017 Starring X-Factor winner Joe McElderry. This guy has a remarkable 5* voice!

This timeless Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber classic sparkles & bewilders in equal measure, as this ultimate family musical continues to sell out across the UK.

It’s now been seen by over 15 million people worldwide!

Retelling the Biblical story of Joseph, you get some of Lord Webbers biggest hits including Those Canaan Days, Any Dream Will Do and Close Every Door.

Jospeh continues at the Nottingham Theatre Royal until Saturday. BOOK HERE!

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Here’s our EXCLUSIVE Audio / Video review via YouTube:

This show has a sense of irony from the very start. It often parodies the genre and makes fun of itself. At some points it is LOL ludicrous – that’s deliberate right?

There are however moments of true sincerity & tenderness. McElderry’s ‘Close Ever Door’ is the most powerful, beautiful and meaningful version I’ve ever heard.

The set, production and structure overall is as limp as the inflatable sheep, after 50 years they still refuse to stand erect. It blows my mind that no-one has even bothered to fix them!

Thank God for the hugely talented ensemble, choir, Joe & Lucy Kay who vocally make this show a timeless standing ovation inducing success….

Joe McElderry is the epitome of a West End Star. He’s vocally perfect, effortless and makes these tricky numbers seem a walk in the park. He truly does have X-Factor.

Lucy Kay is a delightful Narrator. Her voice raises the roof and drives the show perfectly. Again, her classical background adds an extra edge & zing throughout this potentially repetitive show.

Collectively Joe & Lucy steal JOSPEH and in fact are the show – little else matters….certainly not the incongruous plot, bizarre dance numbers & ludicrous props…not updated since it was first staged in a community centre in Wigan in the late 60’s!

Nods also to Amana Jones who was sensational during her short but divine part in the close of Act 1. For the love of God, PLEASE give her more to do!

The band were disappointing…I’m not even sure any of the music was Live, it was hard to tell.

(EDIT: I’ve since been informed there are 5 in the band – which is even worse! Possibly the worst (most muffled/dry) sound for a Live band I’ve ever heard.)

Let’s be clear, this is not Brecht, Shakespeare or Pinter – it’s camp old nonsense for the masses.

It is what is and by the end the entire audience were on their feet for the camp disco medley.

It’s a 3* production with 1* props & staging and a 5* Star & Narrator. God bless them.

Review 25th April 2017 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.