4* REVIEW Ken Webster Hypnotist

REVIEW Ken Webster Hypnotist…

Ken Webster is a born entertainer who looks 100% comfortable on stage. He should! He’s been stood on it for over 30 years  – a MASSIVE achievement!

Blackpool ain’t Chichester and I believe you should always ‘give the punters what they want’. Webster provides a dream two hours of low rent belly laughs for Blackpool via a willing crowd who make his show the success it is.

The problem with hypnotism is that you’re only as good as your victims who volunteers. Tonight, at the Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Ken got lucky…

Ken offers remarkable value for money with a 2.5 hour show packed with a none stop titter fest of the absurd. As he magically puts people under, you’ll be mesmerized by how far they’ll go and what they’ll do next.

As Saturday nights go in Blackpool, they don’t get much better than this! 8 pint buckets of beer being consumed by the gallon and a stage filled with fun, filth, frolicks and outrageous nonsense!

Ken Webster deserves to be the longest serving star in the Entertainment Capital of the UK.

Watch our HD VIDEO highlights HERE via YouTube:

Adult hypnotism is somewhat Marmite. You’re either into it or you’re not. The idea of me standing on that stage fills me with dread – despite 20 years of standing in front of 1000’s.

You see you’re either the kind of person who is willing to make a show of yourself, or you’re not. I’m not.

However, I’m more than happy to enjoy the indignity of others….who are willing to selflessly humiliate themselves for the enjoyment of his packed house tonight. At the end they were all thrilled! It’s an incredibly empowering & positive experience it seems.

Webster’s showroom puts me in mind of Vegas. It’s a gorgeous intimate space where you (and he) can see EVERYTHING!

The show itself is variations of a theme. Basically, those who are willing/able to be hypnotised will be asked to do everything from become Freddie Mercury to be a poo cleaner for the showroom.

I guess their shenanigans is merely a bi-product of the ridiculous imagination of Webster who keeps the show flying along at a pace.

I did smile at the fact that tonight’s 5 willing members of the audience were effectively cast members of his show for 3 hours of their night out – extraordinary.

I love that Ken begins the show explaining there are rules and the show is regulated by the council. In this PC world, this show must be harder and harder ‘to get away with’ I guess.

For peace of mind, there is no female nudity in this show whatsoever. I was however appalled by 2 pairs of disgustingly voluptuous man tits in Act 2. This will result result in a very strongly worded email to the council tomorrow morning from myself. KW should be ashamed of himself.

Under the bravado of Webster’s smut and potty mouth is an incredibly skilled wordsmith, comedian and wit.

Listen, this ain’t Shakespeare and it’s not trying to be. Ken Webster is a Chubby Brown-esk comedian with phenomenal wit and timing that drives two hours of feel good escapism.

Blackpool deserves Webster and Ken deserves to have a residency in this gorgeous town.

Leave your dignity and judgement at the door and have a fab night of nonsense with Ken Webster at the iconic Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

All of my reviews are based on price. I can promise you, for £14, you’re not going to get a more Blackpool night out than at KEN WEBSTER’S OUTRAGEOUS HYPNOTIST!

BTW Ken, ‘Flaps’ stole the show tonight – not you! Xx