Review Key West 2017

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Review Key West 2017….

Key West is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Located just 3 hours south of Miami, this is a 5* paradise.

This place is fun, beautiful, unique, full of energy and has one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

With gorgeous turquoise seas & temperatures around 80 – what’s not to like?

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Despite appearing to be tiny on the map, it’s actually a large City. This is no tiny Cornish fishing village!

With endless shops, supermarkets, restaurants and hotels – this is a huge tourist destination.

It might not be ‘cute’ in size but it offers a rare oasis of calm & beautiful in South Florida.


There are some of the most beautiful waters in the world here.

You can’t fail to be impressed by the coastline, wildlife & beaches.

There is every type of water sport around the entire island.

You will also see huge cruise ships who regularly stop by…


The Keys are made up of 1700 islands with 46 connected by bridges – the last is Key West.

Most people drive to Key West but there are boat trips and there is a small airport.

Once Downtown you’ll LOVE Duval Street which has a New Orleans feel and atmosphere.

There’s a tremendous atmosphere, unintimidating and great fun…


Duval Street is packed with great restaurants and bars.

There’s also wonderful bespoke shops selling unique art.

Duval also leads to the southernmost point in continental USA.

Key West is very diverse and has a very relaxed welcoming atmosphere for all.

There’s some tremendous restaurants like La Te Da & amazing pizza places like ‘Openwood’.

Obviously Key West offers a huge range of hotels. Our favourite hotel is Key West Beachside.

Don’t miss Key West if you’re visiting Florida – it’s stunning!

Perfect weather, scenery, restaurants & more.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 23rd Jan 2017.