Review Knights Of Music UK Tour

Review The Knights Of Music UK Tour…

Phillip Schofield is back on tour for just 4 Live concerts this year called ‘The Knights Of Music’.

This show is basically the best West End showcase (with none stop killer hits) that you’ll ever see Live!

It has 6 sensational Broadway (standard) Stars bringing to life the biggest hits from Dame’s, Sirs & Lords.

Frankly this show would be worth seeing just for the band – they’re extraordinary.

MD & stunning pianist James Harrison arguably steals the show. He offers remarkable arrangements and seamless mixes which drive this pacey and perfectly produced production.

From Lord Webber to McCartney, Bassey, Jagger, Tom & Cliff – you get it all!

Schofe presents the remarkable talents of the cast: Sophie Evans, Liam Doyle, Laura Tebbutt, Andy Coxon, Emily James Brooks & Simon Schofield. They’re all 5* talents & pros at the top of their game.

I’ve never before seen such a polished show, remarkable staging & sensational vocals & band for just 4 performances. Quite special.

Like Phillip himself – this show is slick and faultlessly polished. And yes, he does raise the roof with ‘Any Dream Will Do’ at the end.

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Enjoy an EXCLUSIVE Interview with Schofe talking to Alex about the show:

Lets be honest, if you don’t like West End style music, this is not for you. The stunning cast of remarkable voices bring the songs of the Stones, Tom & Elton to the big stage with a ‘musical’ feel.

Huge portions of the show are dedicated to the West End with glorious medley’s from Miss Saigon, Les Mis, Pantom & obviously Joseph.

There’s relentless choreography that proves a ton of effort and time has gone into this 2.5 hours of theatrical bliss.

Here’s the standing ovations at the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall 27/4/2017:

It’s no surprise that by the end, and throughout, the audience were on their feet in awe of this tremendous cast.

Schofe makes the show feel like an event – and it is! The noise was joyous, the playlist perfect and the crowd were excited to be there. A rare combination in 2017.

5* for ‘Knights Of Music 2017’.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 27th April 2017.