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Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Exclusive Review La Compagnie Airlines Paris London New York….

The thing is, you Google ‘La Compagnie Review’ and you immediately wonder if you’ve booked with the right airline.

With very mixed reviews (to say the least) – from the lounge, seat to the food – this could be a total disaster…..

So, Celebrity Radio went on-board the 757 from London Luton – New York Newark to find out the truth about La Compagnie.

The reality is that for the price, this service is without question THE BEST in it’s class.

It’s the epitome of value for money for the discerning elite traveller or business commuter across the Atlantic..

New York Paris London La Compagnie Review 2015
La Compagnie Seats
La Compagnie Review 2015

Enjoy an Exclusive audio / video review via YouTube:

I am not claiming that this airline is better than Virgin Upper Class or BA Club – I am saying for £1500 ($2300) Rtn (or less) – this is a remarkable airline offering an exceptional service.

There’s less only 74 seats on this aircraft, only 33 passengers on my flight, which makes everything so much more civilised, relaxed and personal than a ‘normal’ airline.

With just 4 flights a week from Luton, what this airline lacks in pomposity, reputation and grandeur – it makes up for in value for money and overall flying experience.

La Compagnie Check-in
La Compagnie Review 2015 Paris London New York
In Flight Entertainment La Compagnie (7)

La Compagnie started flights from Paris to Newark New York several years ago with their ‘flatbed’ 757.

In June 2015 they bought a second aircraft off Iceland Air and began services 4 times a week from London Luton to New York.

The truth is Luton is not in London, however, for me (from the North) IT’S PERFECT!

You’ll find Luton an hour from central London on the train for less than 90 minutes driving.

Anything to avoid Heathrow, let alone Gatwick is a major bonus for me!

La Compagnie Best Seats Row 16
Business Airline London To New YorkLa Compagnie
La Compagnie Review Business Airline

With so (relatively) few guests checking in, your transit through the airport is simple.

You also get ‘fast tracked’ through security. Perfect!

To begin you are given access to the Aspire Lounge. When it’s finished it will be ideal. An oasis of calm overlooking the terminal chaos.

Currently under renovation, it’s not perfect, way too hot today, but the half that is finished is impressive and elegant.

There will be massage rooms, business areas as well as all of the usual indulgences.

With booze included and a lovely selection of snack food – this is not ‘The Virgin Clubhouse’ but it’s very impressive.

Aspire Business Lounge Serviceair Luton Airport Review reovated

A La Compagnie ‘business flat bed seat’ is around the price of a BA / Virgin Premier Economy seat.

I think the atmosphere, food, service and overall product beats these services by a mile.

Arranged in 2×2 rows, their comfortable seats are spaced by a pitch of 62 inches.

The seat height is 46 ½ in. with a width of 26 in. More than enough room for a 6ft guy like myself.

You obviously board quickly with La Compagnie and get a warm and welcoming service on-board. My stewardess Sarah was remarkable and couldn’t have been more helpful.

In Flight Entertainment La Compagnie (1)
La Compagnie 757 Cabin

The cabin feels enormous with there being so few seats and open cabins.

It puts me in mind of the Concorde cabin (just slightly wider) with 2/2 seating.

Once in you are in your seat you’ll be offered a refreshment as you would expect.

The seat is hugely impressive. Spacious, clean and the least claustrophobic I have felt on ANY airline in a long time!

Flat Bed Seats Review La Compagnie (1)
LTN to Newark New York La Compagnie
Flat Bed Seats Review La Compagnie (2)

You can manipulate the sit to be at your perfect position.

There’s power for your laptop and phone – essential for business passengers.


OK, here’s the truth – whilst this plane flies there is absolutely no problem. However, should there be a technical issue – you’re screwed!

With tiny airline with only two aircraft, when there’s a problem there is no contingency to get you home. This is worth considering if you’re on a crucial schedule or deadline.

Review La Compagnie Business Class Airline
Snacks La Compagnie
All Business Cabin La Compagnie Review 2015

I read that this airline randomly cancel flights without explanation. This was certainly not the case with my flight but I can imagine is hugely frustrating.

Also, the only other issue is that there is no curtain or divider between your seat and the next. This could be very awkward if you don’t like the person next to you.

If you’re friends / couple, it’s ideal. I was lucky that no-one was in the seat next to me! BINGO!

Without question the best seats on the plane are row 16 as this is the exit isle. To be honest on a business aircraft, this is almost irrelevant.

In Flight Entertainment La Compagnie (5)
In Flight Entertainment La Compagnie (3)

There is no Wifi on=board.

The entertainment system is remotely powered by the Samsung – equivalent to an interactive Ipad.

There’s TV, Movies, Books and you can watch your progress of the flight on the Live map.

You can watch in English or French.

You can either use the Samsung holder in the back of the chair in front or take it out and hold it or position it at your convenience.

Main Course Food Meat Review La Compagnie Food Menu (1)

The much maligned food online at ‘The Company’ was impressive overall.

What do people expect?

There’s oddities like getting your starter and dessert at the beginning of your dining experience – but really, who cares?

The fish starter was delicious. Far exceeding my last 3 meals on Virgin Atlantic Upper Class for example.

Food Menu La Compagnie Airlines New York (8)

The main meal was very nice – not the best lamb I’ve ever had, but as good as most other airline food.

There’s a choice of meat or fish. On my flight – Cod or Lamb.

For dessert (served with starter) there’s cake and cheese. Both hugely flavoursome.

La Compagnie Breakfast Review (2)

Overall I cannot think of a bad thing to say about La Compagnie for the price – frankly it’s remarkable.

You cannot compare this service with Virgin Upper Class – the same flight is £3500 more expensive but truly not worth it.

Honestly I would never pay to fly Virgin or BA again if I could this price and the exact same service.

La Compagnie Ameniety Pack

Flying out of Newark, La Compagnie use the ‘Art & Lounge’ lounge for passengers.

It’s very modern and comfortable offering a nice place to stay before checking in as the lounge is before security (very rare!).

There’s hot and cold food and an extensive free bar.


Review Art & Lounge EWR Newark Airport La Compagnie
La Compagnie Lounge Newark Review

OK – Branson has fancy lounges and absolutely flat beds. La Compagnie’s beds are not as comfy but again, who ever said “I had a great nights sleep” on a flight?

Try Nightol – works for me every time!

Here’s the delicious breakfast (flying home) with La Compagnie:

La Compagnie Breakfast Review (1)

As a business standard flying experience, this flight was 4* and for the price 5* without question!

I only hope, unlike so many of its predecessors, La Compagne can survive in a brutal airline market. Numbers on board today are VERY concerning! This flight cannot have made a profit.

Do try ‘The Company’! A huge treat and I can’t wait to fly with them again!

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 1st July 2015.

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