Review Le Reve Wynn Las Vegas

Review Le Reve Wynn Las Vegas…

Le Reve is one of the most beautiful, powerful, breathtaking & sensual shows in Vegas history.

So what is Le Reve? Well it’s basically the Bellagio Fountains set to dance & ballet.

Like Wynn & Encore it is classy, off the scale, elegant but at times a little overwhelming.

Nevertheless, this show is sexy and has one of the hottest, most talented, polished and beautiful casts in show business history.

Le Reve is ‘The Dream’ – an unspoken love story portrayed through acrobatics & aerial spectacle – all centred around the huge pool.

The talent in this show is mind-blowing, the spectacle is obvious. However, some may find the repetitive music and themes tiresome after 90 minutes.

This is without question the best dance show in Las Vegas 2017.



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There’s no doubting that this is a beautiful show with sensational lighting, stunning performances, theatre, passion and talent and has a true Vegas feel good WOW factor.

We last visited Le Reve over 5 years ago. Back then it was very familiar to Cirque De Soleil.

It seems to me that Wynn have ripped out the ‘circus’ schtick and focused on the emotion, connection, sensuality, sexiness & pure talent.

This show is a dream for couples – like the cast, this show is hot!

Steve Wynn wanted a showstopper 12 years ago when he opened Wynn Las Vegas – in Le Reve he achieved it.

The finale is simply remarkable and breathtaking. Just beautiful staging & a master-class in theatre.

There’s live music & vocals throughout with formulaic and instantly forgettable tunes. The finale is a little too Disney for me, which in my view distracted from the credibility of this phenomenal & perfect ending.

This love story is sensual and believable and unlike Cirque, it is not broken up with clown schtick & routines. They are certainly loyal to the integrity of ‘The Dream’.

The ‘magic’ elements in the show are impressive. The doves are hugely moving.

If you’re looking for laughs, hysterics or a rock concert – this isn’t for you. But, if you want to see pure class and talent pushing physicality boundaries to the next level – don’t miss Le Reve.

For total transparency, Le Reve did not wish to be featured on Celebrity Radio this year and therefore will not be included in our ‘Top 10 List’ which had over 500,000 hits in 2016.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 30th May 2017.