Review Legends In Concert Flamingo Las Vegas 2016

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Review Legends In Concert Flamingo Las Vegas 2016…

Legends In Concert is the epitome of a Las Vegas show. Glitzy, well produced for all of the family and featuring unique talents.

The show performs year-round six nights per week at 4pm, 7.30pm and/or 9.30pm.

Legends has become a Las Vegas  Institution which first opened in 1983 at the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino.

It’s now in its 33rd year in Las Vegas.

Now playing at the world famous Flamingo at the world famous Donny & Marie theatre, it’s one of the few remain tradition Vegas ‘showroom’ productions.

The cast of talented performers alternate from time to time, but all pay tribute to a select group of superstars from the past and present.

Tonight I saw tributes to Prince, Adele, The Blue’s Brothers & Michael Jackson.

Not only do they sound like the original Stars singing Live, they also look and perform like them too.

The band are sensational and the lighting is superb….

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Enjoy our exclusive audio / video review via YouTube:

Legends is the perfect Vegas show celebrating the unique talents of people who have dedicated their lives to celebrating their chosen Star.

J C Brando as Adele stole the show vocally, a sensational performer who has got the nuances down and the unique way in which she performers.

Damian Brantley was a superb Michael Jackson. A stunning talent who has clearly dedicated his life to this ever present Star.

J C Brando Adele Review Legends Las Vegas Damian Brantley Michael Jackson Review Legends Legends In Concert Las Vegas

The lighting, sound and band are 5* in this production. As good as any I’ve seen anywhere on the strip and only to be admired.

The dancers in this show are a little ‘cruise ship’ at times and verging on superfluous, especially during ‘Adele’s’ sensational ballads.

Also, some of the ‘material’, especially from the Blues Brothers was a little laboured and didn’t fly in this unique Vegas showroom. Give the crowd what they want….

Where this show is at its strongest is with huge talent nailing the ‘Stars’ mannerisms, vocal genius and stage presence. Adele and Jackson were beautifully crafted acts.

For the price, this is a wonderful show and long may it continue.

These cabarets / concerts are few and far between in Vegas in 2016 and 100% deserve to pull big crowds with adoring audiences.

3.5* show with some 5* talent, band, lighting and sound.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 8th May 2016.