5* REVIEW Les Musicals TV Interview 2019

REVIEW Les Musicals TV Interview 2019…

Les Musicals is back on tour for a second year by creator and producer Jonathan Ansell.

The 2019 sellout celebration of two remarkable talents stars Jon & BGT winner Jai McDowall in 2019.

Collectively these two voices are remarkable. What talent! Their chemistry and vocal precision & prowess is flawless.

We met up with the boys at the end of the Spring tour to talk about life on the tour bus, their upcoming autumn 2019 UK Tour coming to a town near you, master baking & much more!

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Watch our HDTV interview with the boys at the Leeds City Varities…

Jonathan Ansell & Jai McDowall are who of the biggest/best talents of their generation.

Unlike so many they’re authentic and singing the songs that suits their style best.

Jon has a naturally stunning gift but I was truly shocked how beautiful Jai’s tone, control, sound is.

The 2019 production has songs from the shows of course, but, it’s delivered in a hugely current and charming way with many surprises. They’re effortless and their talent raises the roof.

The show itself is beautifully polished with clever lighting, effects and sound.

Frankly though, you could listen to these two in an empty room with a piano and it would be just as mesmerizing. They’re truly gifted vocalists – in very different ways – but WOW with their individual and collective sound.

Huge respect to two polished and brilliant stars who present their show with effortless class.

Here’s Alex & the boys in Leeds 2019…

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 30th June 2019.