Review Magic Mike LIVE Vegas

Review Magic Mike LIVE Vegas…

It is beyond my comprehension why MAGIC MIKE LIVE LAS VEGAS is not packed with guys. Last night (at the sell out show at Hard Rock), it was a ratio of 196 horny women to me + 4 gay guys…

It turns out women love cabaret, comedy, six packs and HUGE cocktails! (You want to see the size of them in this showroom!)

Sending Vegas in to frenzy on the back of  the mega-hits “Magic Mike” & “XXL”, this Channing Tatum theatrical masterclass & event is without question the HOTTEST, sexiest and most sexual show in Las Vegas history.

Not only does it have a huge sense of charm, irony and humour from the second it starts, but, MML literally whips the girls into a frenzy leaving them OUT OF THEIR MINDS!

Watching these girls react to these guys is a show in itself. I have never heard screaming like it. Deafening.

What is most impressive about Magic Mike Live is that the show has infinite warmth and heart. Powered & hosted by the formidably brilliant Lyndsay Hailey – this is a night of feel good Vegas debauchery that you will NEVER forget…



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OK, lets be clear. This is not a strip show. This is an adult Vegas cabaret featuring hot, male phenomenally talented dancers who are clearly athletes.

The essence of this experience is entertainment, fun, joy, fantasy, exstacy but not sleaze. The small part of ‘strip’  is in my view the least important and least impressive element of the show…but I guess I’m not the target audience.

Like the film, Channing has cleverly ‘given them what they want’ but packaged it perfectly (pardon the pun) in the most innovative, cool & relaxed way. The best I have seen anywhere in the world for a male strip show.

The room is exciting before the show even begins. It looks like you’re entering a boxing match of muscle v testosterone.

Paying tribute to a Vegas showroom, in the round, with tables (conveniently nailed to the floor ‘in case’) this offer a perfect setting for the guys to work the room.

You can opt for the lower floor seated or upper standing. Either way, Magic Mike Live is a 360 immersive experience!

What I personally loved about the show is that it is inclusive. Everyone from all ages, colours, creeds and sizes were part of the party. And boy is it a party…

The show begins with the delicious Lyndsay Hailey who is a hugely talented comedian & writer. She hosts the entire show with effortless confidence and makes the (all female) crowd love her! Huge achievement.

Btw, this ain’t Disney. If you’re looking for cute lighting, gentle humour, a nice sit down and delightful asses whilst visiting with your mother – try Cirque Du Soleil. This is R18 fun production presented in an unashamed, adult but not creepy way.

Lyndsey uses her years of stand-up experience to get 100% energy out of the audience. She’s hot, cheeky and sexy but not intimidating to the girls – this is genius casting.

Listen to our exclusive interview with Lyndsay HERE!

MAGIC MIKE LIVE does exactly what the poster promises.

It presents handsome & smart (dare I even say classy hot dudes but interesting not ludicrous muscle Mary’s) – who most probably will at some point stop by and give you a lap dance….or more!

BE AWARE – this show is presented with the audience not at the audience….you may well end up on stage (or off) and play a BIG part in the show!

Listen, the tease is the key to these shows and MML does it better than any other show I’ve seen in Las Vegas.

The guys appear approachable and work the crowd (throughout) beautifully.

I promise you this is the closest you’re going to get to your fantasy girls – and no – they’ll let you stroke them, they’ll sit on you, they might even talk to you but the only enormous mult-coloured cocktail you’ll have in your hands will drank from your table. Phew.

Not that anyone is going to give a shit, but, the lighting at Magic Mike Live is perfect, the use of the room is compelling, the atmosphere is intoxicating and the sound is LOUD!

There are some beautiful ‘spec’ act moments in MML. The aerial act, bath act and legendary lap dance bits have all been done before, but, rarely more sexy, authentic and alluring.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 9th October 2017.

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