5* REVIEW Mamma Mia 2019 Cast

REVIEW Mamma Mia 2019 Cast West End…

For two decades I’ve been travelling the globe interviewing the stars and reviewing endless casts of Mamma Mia. On tour, Broadway, Las Vegas & London – we’ve done them all…

The 2019 20th Anniversary cast at the Novello Theatre in London’s West End prove that this show is timeless & infinitely joyous. Tonight’s stellar cast offered one of the most moving and authentic performances in history.

Mamma Mia is not trying to be Shakespeare, but, it does have meaning celebrating the love and bond between a mother and daughter. That emotion has never screamed louder than at tonight’s performance driven by the remarkable Sara Poyzer as Donna. She’s utterly believable & a remarkable actress & singer.

ABBA’s storybook musical gives the punters what they want. Nob gags, lads in skin-tight lycra and the best party songs in history. Balls to Brexit – a night of joyous escapism and sunshine at 5* Mamma Mia!



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The 6th April 2019 was an incredible night for the 20th Anniversary of Mamma Mia.

Benny, Bjorn & Judy Craymer graced the stage to thank the Dynamos from the last 20 years who re-united for a final time on stage. It was magical!

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There’s no doubting that the 2019 cast at the Novello Theatre are special. There are some truly remarkable moments.

The show has never been more polished and the energy of the ensemble is quite extra-ordinary.

The sound is quite brilliant (and louder than ever) & the lighting & staging is seamless.

Nods to the Dynamos Katy Graham & Ricky Butt who are the hysterical stooges to Sara and make their roles look easy. They’re arguable the heart and soul of the show.

Lucy May Barker & Alex Porter are a delicious couple who work perfectly together. Lucy opens and closes the show with a rare heart and credibility – that this show needs to be perfect.

Truly there isn’t a weak link in this company. A joy to watch. Their precision and energy was flawless.

I was honoured to be invited to the 20th anniversary performance which was truly magical.

Whenever you get the writers, creators and producers in, there’s always a buzz – but tonight was electric.

I was honoured to interview Benny & Bjorn in their homes and talk about their music. To think almost 5 decades after they first hit the charts – and 20 years after Mamma Mia opened in London – their music is still 100% relevant & credible today, not to mention instantly uplifting! Astonishing.

Enjoy my EXCLUSIVE 70 minute interviews with ABBA’s Benny & Bjorn:

The reason for this shows success is Judy Craymers crafting of the story. It’s timeless. This female friendly show will never get old as its audience will always want the memories of how this show makes them feel – nostalgic and joyous. That’s powerful.

Poyzer’s delivery of ‘Slipping through my fingers’ was devastatingly amazing. What emotion. What talent. She’s an effortless star that is without question world class.

Mamma Mia will never get old. It’s theatrical gold driven by a stunning cast, quite brilliant story telling and a heart the size of ABBA’s prolific success.

MM will once again tour the UK in 2019 / 2020.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 7th April 2019.