Review MASTERS OF ILLUSIONS Bally’s Las Vegas…

Here’s the main problem, these guys are not masters of illusion, in fact, a couple of them are quite possibly the most laughably awful insult to the art that I’ve encountered in my 20 year career.

It leaves me speechless that Caesars and the producers of CW ‘Masters of Illusions’ would destroy their reputation with this appallingly cheap, contemptuously produced disaster of a trick-fest.

Even the music was recorded off the internet in places. No passion or obsession – the two keys to a great magic show.

Didn’t they get the memo Criss Angel & David Copperfield are next door? For the same price as MOI – Inferno, David Goldrake & Nathan Burton are leagues above this lazy cash cow. In fact, Mike Hammer Downtown is 1000x more exciting & entertaining than this crap at half the price!

This show would have looked tired in 1978 – 30 years later it is a laughable parody.


Here’s our 1* review with images from MOI via YouTube:

I truly cannot believe two of the most heavily featured ‘illusionists’ have ever performed on a stage before. One literally does NOTHING other than wave at boxes for four dated and predictable box tricks.

I am to magic what Trump is to hair dressing, yet, I could perform all of these bits better than these fakers with zero rehearsal.

In summery, this show plays to every cliché that makes magic outdated, uncool and a laughing stock. It’s an insult to all of the master magicians in Las Vegas, and around the world, who work tirelessly to celebrate their craft.

Hey Union stage guys, get the bloody curtain to fall straight! I know you are losing the will to live but at least get the curtain to miss the set. I’ve seen better produced in-house Christmas talent nights in care homes for the bewildered.

And another thing, drop the piano and levitation. It looks cheap and someone is going to die or get seriously injured. It’s beyond the shows capability. Furthermore, Angel spent millions to do this magnificently – I wouldn’t bother competing.

I will admit Chris Randall has admirable card technique & Farrell Dillon has great energy. Sadly their act was unsalvageable amidst their ludicrous co-stars.


And finally, and the worst sin of all – find a F@@King female magician. To use busty dancers as nameless & voiceless pairs of tits in 2018 is scandalous and beyond insulting.

You wouldn’t get away with this misogyny anywhere else in the world. I’m disgusted how you used the ladies as throw away vaginas without even a thank you or name check. Vile.

You should be truly ashamed.

Worst magic show in Vegas history – of suicidal proportions for the craft, not to mention the reputation of the casino. Whoever signed this off should be sacked and have their showbiz credentials retracted immediately.

To use a quality TV brand to rape gullible punters of their money is an appalling abuse of the glorious Jubilee stage.

For avoidance of doubt, the producers did not want me to review this shambles of a show. Very wise! Sadly it’s 2018 – someone needs to out this travesty in the entertainment capital of the world.

I wouldn’t stage this on a low rent cruise ship. Lets pray this show disappears fast for the sake of the other BRILLIANT magic shows in Sin City.

It’s nights like this I wish I was in the slammer, wrapped in chains and unable to escape.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 3rd June 2018.